10 Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

10 Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen renovation can be more than just an exciting project; even a great investment for the future. As it is a significant expense for homeowners, they aim to get what they pay for. The devil is in the details, and if you overlook these, many problems will arise down the line. You won’t get your dream kitchen, even after going over budget.

We have listed some common mistakes repeatedly found in kitchen remodeling projects. So read this guide before embarking on your kitchen remodeling journey to get the dream outcomes.

1.  Not Focusing on your Lifestyle

Skipping functionality in favor of aesthetics is the most common mistake in kitchen remodeling projects. Your kitchen design should reflect your lifestyle. For instance, invest more in quality appliances if you are a cooking enthusiast. If you have a large variety of kitchen tools, then increase your storage area. If you are fond of home parties, a kitchen island with bar stools will work perfectly for you.

2.  Hiring the Wrong Contractor

This is the biggest mistake people mostly make while planning a kitchen renovation. An exclusive bathroom remodel contractor will never get you your dream kitchen. Therefore, choosing one that is an expert in kitchen remodeling is a must-have. One way to get a perfect kitchen remodel contractor is by consulting a free contractor matching service, such as Greatbuildz, to get the best remodeling experience.

3.  Blowing your Budget

Experts say you should have a clear plan and budget before starting your kitchen remodeling project. You should be aware of the average remodeling cost in your area, such as the cost of kitchen remodel Los Angeles. You need to make an inventory of the required materials along with their cost. Do not invest in redundant or impractical items, as replacing them will cost you more in the long term.

4.  Not Prioritizing the ‘Triangle’

Triangle refers to the connection among your main kitchen appliances; stove, sink, and refrigerator. To get maximum efficiency, a kitchen design with a perfect balance is a must-have. Follow the “triangle rule” to get a fully functional layout, otherwise, you will find yourself fatigued, even frustrated by the leg work.

5.  Not Maximizing Storage Space

Another gravest mistake people make while renovating a kitchen is ignoring the storage space. Just like during a garage conversion or remodeling an ADU in Los Angeles, you can also utilize the unused spaces of your kitchen.

6.  Rushing the Process

Kitchen remodeling is a methodological process, so it deserves your time and patience. Hasty decisions can lead to a lifetime of regret. Materials in the showroom look different due to lighting and all, so take your time, Bring samples home, and observe them in the lighting of the area where you want to install them.

10 Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid 2

7.  Forgetting About Lighting & Electric

A beautiful kitchen without proper lighting is useless. Homeowners mostly forget about lighting and electrics while focusing too much on countertops and sinks. What if you spent a lot of money on appliances but did not install enough outlets to operate them? Even worse, what if you forget about proper ventilation?

8.  Changing Your Mind

Changing your mind after starting kitchen renovation will be a costly move. Therefore, get all your ducks in a row and decide what you want and how you want ahead of time. Moreover, make sure everything arrives on time. If you are considering kitchen or bathroom remodel in Los Angeles, know how much time deliveries take in Los Angeles so that you can order on time.

9.  Purchasing Appliances After Cabinetry

Choosing appliances after installing the cabinetry is a big mistake. Even an inch-to-two-inch difference can drastically impact your kitchen ambiance. Therefore, purchase your appliances early so you can be aware of your appliances’ measurements when cabinet specifications are being made.

10. Installing Floors After Cabinets

Another similar mistake that homeowners make is installing floor after cabinets. If you install cabinets on the hardwood floor, the contraction or expansion ability of the floor will be lost, resulting in peaking or cupping. Moreover, installing cabinets afterward can damage the newly installed floor.

Final Words

Getting a perfect kitchen is every homeowner’s dream, but kitchen remodeling projects are quite complicated. Therefore, look into every aspect of your kitchen remodeling project and avoid these common mistakes to get a dream-come-true experience.