10 Qualities To Consider When Shopping For Premium Cigars

10 Qualities To Consider When Shopping For Premium Cigars

The world of premium cigars is a niche market with very specific tastes and preferences. While there are a number of points to consider when shopping for premium cigars, there are also some obvious factors that anyone familiar with the cigar world will know about.

For example, most high-end cigars are made from stronger, more expensive tobaccos such Premium or Broadleaf instead of the weaker and cheaper filler tobacco such as Connecticut Shade or Virginia Leaf. Other examples include smaller, boutique brands rather than larger manufacturers, or handmade instead of machine-made cigars.

With so many factors to take into account when shopping for premium cigars, here is a list of ten qualities you should keep in mind before making your purchase.

1. Good Habits Start With Good Tobacco

If you are buying a premium cigar, it is likely that the tobacco was grown in either Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, or Honduras. These three countries are responsible for most of the tobacco used in high-end cigars, but each one will have a different flavor and effect on the final product.

For example, the tobacco from the Dominican Republic is known for being sweet and creamy, while Nicaraguan tobacco is stronger and spicier.

2. Don’t Be A Cheap-O

If you are shopping for a premium cigar like the Drew Estate Cigar, chances are you are not looking to skimp on the price. Although premium cigars can be more expensive than other cigars, they are usually worth the price. This is because they are often made of higher-quality tobacco, they use more labor-intensive and time-intensive production methods, and they are packaged to look nicer.

3. Check The Wrapper

When shopping for premium cigars, it is important to remember that the wrapper determines the flavor of the cigar. A Connecticut Shade wrapper, for example, is known for its mild and smooth flavor. On the other hand, a Habano wrapper is known for being more spicy and bold.

4. The Darker The Bean, The Darker The Smoke

Many people are surprised to learn that the lighter the wrapper of a premium cigar, the milder and sweeter the flavor is likely to be. This is because the wrapper is made from the tobacco leaves that are fermented for the longest period of time. The longer a tobacco leaf ferments, the stronger the taste will be, regardless of the wrapper.

5. A Name You Can Trust

There are many large, known premium cigar brands out there today that are known for producing high-quality premium cigars, and are often priced accordingly. However, there are also many excellent and reputable smaller and boutique brands that also produce high-quality premium cigars.

6. Check Out The Stamps

Another thing to consider when shopping for premium cigars is the stamps and markings on the cigars. The stamps will tell you where the tobacco was grown, how long it was fermented, and what type of tobacco were used to make the cigars.

7. How Are They Rolled?

The way a premium cigar is rolled is another factor to keep in mind when shopping for premium cigars. Many premium cigars are machine-made, but the high-end cigars are usually rolled by hand and are usually more expensive because labor-intensive production methods require more work.

8. Don’t Forget The Foot

While many premium cigars are machine-made, some are still handmade and are therefore likely to have a foot on the end. The foot of the cigar is the end of the cigar that you will light and smoke.

9. Consider the Tobacco Quality

The tobacco used for premium cigars is generally stronger than filler tobacco. Of course, the type and variety of tobacco used will vary from brand to brand, but many premium cigar manufacturers use strong tobacco types paired with stronger flavours of premium liquor and to provide a richer, fuller smoke.

10. Don’t Be Scared Of The Dark Stuff

Darker wrapper leaves are often used for premium cigars because they tend to be stronger in flavour. However, this does not mean that all dark wrapper leaves are stronger. The difference in taste and flavour between dark and light wrapper leaves is due to the variety of tobacco used, along with the soil and climate in which they are grown.

Wrapping Up

When shopping for premium cigars, it is important to keep in mind the qualities of a premium cigar. Although there are many factors to keep in mind when shopping for premium cigars, these are the most important ones. Now that you know what to look for, you are ready to go shopping for premium cigars!