Wearing A Hoodie With Style

2022: Wearing A Hoodie With Style

Hoodies are those garments that definitely won’t go out of style. They are very stylish, and wearing them is as easy as pie. You can wear them anytime, anywhere, and as often as you’d like.

There won’t be a dull moment when trying out different outfits with your hoodie. In case you are in doubt, here is a simple guide on how to wear your hoodie with style this 2022.

Hoodie Selection

1.   Select a Simple Hoodie With a Dark and Neutral Style

Hoodies are generally regarded as everyday garments. But a simple way to level them up and add some style is by selecting dark colors such as black or gray. A hoodie with a plain dark color will instantly elevate its image and create a glossier look. You can look casual and refined if you pair your hoodie with dark denim and trainers.

Select a Simple Hoodie With a Dark and Neutral Style

Must-Try Outfits:

  • Match a dark gray hoodie with skinny black jeans.
  • Choose a dark rich colored hoodie like maroon or navy if you don’t want a plain black hoodie.

2.   Choose a Hoodie Made of High-Grade Fabric

Hoodies aren’t considered stylish for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is the fabric that traditional hoodies are made of.

Don’t get me wrong, these hoodies are still suitable. But if you want your hoodie to look classy, buy one made from quality material. Find hoodies made of high-quality fleece, pure cotton, and brushed cotton.

Must-Try Hoodie

  • If you have extra money, contemplate a hoodie made with a blend of cashmere and silk.

3.   Go For Fitted Hoodies

If you want a sleek hoodie, don’t pick large and unfit styles that bunch up around the stomach area. These hoodies create the illusion of a belly. It will also give a sloppy look in general. Find hoodies with a slim fit to create an elegant and stylish profile.

Go For Fitted Hoodies

You Should:

  • Try a hoodie on before purchasing to ensure it fits you perfectly. This practice is particularly essential if you’re spending extra money on a high-end fabric.

Selecting Harmonious Clothing

1.   Match Your Hoodie With A Dress Or Skirt

Match Your Hoodie With A Dress Or Skirt

One of the most famous hoodie looks is the combination of a simple hoodie with a dress or mini skirt. The contrast produces an edgy vibe that fashionistas love.

Try sporting a zippered wool hoodie with a long floral flowing dress. Add a pair of combat boots to enhance the difference further. You can also pair it with a lace skirt or short cocktail dress.

2.   Don A Zippered Hoodie Under A Black Leather Biker Jacket

Don A Zippered Hoodie Under A Black Leather Biker Jacket

Hoodies are perfect outerwear by themselves. But they can be more stylish and warmer if you wear one under a great jacket.

Wear a black hoodie under a black leather jacket. Just pull out the hood so that it’s noticeable and hangs down on top of the coat.

Must-Try Outfit

  • If black leather isn’t your style, you could try wearing a gray hoodie under a denim jacket. Just remember to pull out the hood so that it’s evident.

3.   Pair Your Hoodies With Skinny Jeans Or Dress Trousers

Pair Your Hoodies With Skinny Jeans Or Dress Trousers

Choose a fitted hoodie and pair it with skinny jeans or dress trousers for a well-tailored look. You can also wear a fitted black hoodie at the office if you pair it with gorgeous dress slacks in a neutral color, like gray.

Bonus Information

  • The hoodie gives an overall athletic vibe. It also creates an elegant, dressy image that’s sufficient to be regarded as business casual.

Adding Stylish Accessories

1.   Pair Your Hoodie With Sleek Shoes

Pair Your Hoodie With Sleek Shoes

When wearing a hoodie, most people’s default choice is athletic shoes or trainers. If you want to produce an incredibly stylish vibe, pair your hoodie with a nice pair of shoes.

Shoes such as black boots or pointy dress shoes give a very polished look. Ensure you stick with a streamlined hoodie that fits comfortably to keep your overall profile sleek.

Must-Try Accessory

  • Go for a pair of statement shoes like leather combat boots in a slick blue color.
  • Try out different classic dressy shoes in eye-catching tones.

2.   Wear Hoodies With Statement Sunglasses

Wear Hoodies With Statement Sunglasses

A fabulous pair of sunglasses can make almost anything look cooler, including a hoodie. Try a couple of pricy dark black cat-eye sunglasses for a spunky look. Alternatively, put on a pair of oversized round mirrored lenses in bright orange for a funky look.

Must-Try Accessories

  • Buy a nice pair of designer sunglasses to boost the style.
  • You can have the same result with more inexpensive sunglasses with a trendy frame.

3.   Wear Your Hoodie With A Knit Cap Or Beanie

Caps or beanies will keep your head warm during the cold winter months. These headgears also create a relaxed, street-style inspired vibe.

Try a beanie hat in dark gray or black and match it with your hoodie. Create a trendy variation by wearing a hoodie in an utterly unusual color. Keep the rest of your wardrobe simple to finish the look.

Must-Try Accessories

  • Go for a plain hoodie with a striped knit cap.
  • Also, try a beanie to create a unique kind of disparity.

Hoodies For 2022

Wearing hoodies has never been this much fun. With many options available, 2022 is an exciting adventure.

So, go and pick your favorites and plan your days and weeks. Make the most of every day. Reward yourself with fun and comfort.

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