3 unique Gifts if Your Men Loves Jewelry

3 unique Gifts if Your Men Loves Jewelry

Buying a gift for a particular person can be difficult because you need clarification with many different things in your mind. Your brain is confused between what you should buy and what will be its quality.

This article will suggest three unique gifts you cannot deny. Also, don’t worry about their quality because we will show you stuff that will be good in quality.

What Does Jewelry Symbolize As a Gift?

Although jewelry intends to win millions of hearts just by single sight, if it is pretty enough and made up of some precious metal, every piece of jewel can be the best gift ever if it is gorgeous and bright.

You can buy many different types of jewelry as a gift for men, but we will talk about three gifts that men can’t deny.

  • Franco chains
  • Watches
  • Diamond Pink Rings

These are the three primary gift types we have listed in this article. This is just our best choice, but you can go for any jewelry type that your man love to wear. There are many different uni-sex jewelry items, but you will need to dig deep to find the best one.

1.  Franco chains

You might have heard of Cuban chain links, yes, they are too heavy and can’t be an elegant gift, but we are showing you an alternative different jewelry type.

Franco chains are well known for their heavily solitaire appearance. These chains are light weighted and easy to wear. These chains are crafted in a thin layer, which gives a decent look and makes men feel comfortable while wearing them.

Franco chains are delicately crafted from white and yellow gold. Most importantly, Franco chains, especially the diamond-cut Franco, don’t tangle easily and can be the best gift for men.

Franco chains are divided into two types, and you need to seek out what will suit best for men as a gift. There are 2 different types of franco chain

  • Regular Franco Chain
  • Diamond Cut Franco Chain

Regular Franco Chain

The most decent and adorable type of Franco chain is the “Regular Type.” This reflects the original Franco Chain styles. These regular type of franco chains gives an honest look as they are crafted in such a way. Regular franco chains are more suitable for casual outfits.

Diamond Cut Franko Chain

Diamond-cut Franko is very popular and worn mainly by famous people. For now, keep aside these celebrities. Diamond-cut chains are comfortable and give you more mobility than regular Franko chains. Diamonds cut is worn with formal outfits and usually on a special occasion, but this is going to be the best gift as jewelry for men.

2.  Watches

There is no doubt that watches have been the best gift for men since they were worn. There are many types of watches, but if you want the best gift, select the iconic watch, like Rolex watches or Hublot. Although these watches are high-end and very expensive, there are also watches in the normal range that you can easily buy as gifts for your man. You can visit a local Rolex buyer to find a vintage but affordable piece, for example.

Some people think that timepieces are men’s jewelry that men wear with pride. Gold watches are a status symbol that will improve your appearance and sense of style.

Things to Look buying a Men’s Watch as a Gift

There are many different brands of men’s watches, but before you buy any watch as a gift, you should keep a few things in mind. You need to understand what separates a good from a bad watch.

  • Types of watch movement: Watch movement is like the engine inside the watch that keeps it running. There are three primary movements Quartz, Mechanical and Automatic. You should ask the vendor to show you the watch with the movement type you want or are looking for.
  • A long-life battery: If you are looking for the watch as a  gift, make sure that the battery life span should be a long minimum of 2-3  years
  • Watch strip band: Watch strips matter a lot. Sometimes a good watch has a regular quality strip band, and after a couple of months, the strip starts getting to rip off. Before buying the watch, please focus on the strip and its quality. If the strip band comprises a precious metal or pure leather, then you are good to go.
  • Waterproof: If you buy an expensive gift, ensure it is resistant to every environment, especially if it is waterproof. The delicate work of engineering makes expensive watches that are also durable, so make sure they are dustproof, so the inside machinery doesn’t get damaged.

3.  Diamond Pinky Rings

Diamond pinky rings are the most popular jewelry for both men and women. A family man traditionally wears a ring, but you are not required to do so. If you are single, you can undoubtedly wear a ring.

A ring on each hand enhances your appearance and gives you the self-assurance to be who you are. Diamond pinky rings with engravings like your initials also can signify this sentiment.

There are also other precious metal rings, and buying the ring as a men’s gift depends on your budget and choice.

Before buying the ring, you must ensure it matches men’s outlook and attire. Even if you have a budget to buy a high-end ring, we only recommend buying so if you order a customized one.

Usually, high-end and expensive rings are only made for weddings or special occasions. You cannot wear high-end and delicate rings casually, so if you are looking for a casual ring with high-end metal, you should order a custom ring which will be a better option for you as a gift.  Before You Buy Ring As A Gift Consider The Following

  • Design of ring: Look for a ring that you can wear casually or for special events.
  • Should match with other stuff: The ring can be matched with other jewelry items like necklaces and bracelets.
  • Pinky ring: If you intend to buy a pinky ring, make sure it has the accurate measurement and can be worn on both hand pinky fingers.