Virgin Mary necklace ideas

3 Virgin Mary necklace ideas for a lovely Catholic gift

Catholic gifts are a great present to give your family member, friend, fellow churchgoer, or colleague a token of your appreciation or gratitude. For those who enjoy practicing Catholicism, take solace in reading the bible, and like going to Sunday mass to learn more about their religion, buying some Catholic-inspired designs for their home, outside decor, and accessories can be a great way to remember your faith.

For those who want to bring their faith with them during everyday life, jewelry is a great way to have a token of appreciation for your religion while going about your daily life. Some of the most common forms of jewelry that people enjoy are wearing earrings, bracelets, and pendants, being easy ways to add a little bit of something dressy to your work or school outfit.

See more than one Catholic-inspired gift that can help enhance your outfit and make you feel like a good Christian.

Virgin Mary necklace

3 Virgin Mary necklace ideas

The Virgin Mary is the virgin mother of Jesus, wife of Joseph, and known as the Jewish woman of Nazareth. A prominent figure in the Bible, people who practice the Cathlic faith enjoy praying to Mary as the patron saint of all humans, helping watch over them during troubling times and communicating with Jesus Christ.

For devout Catholics to feel connected to the Virgin Mary, giving your friend or colleague a Virgin Mary necklace can be a great way to show your appreciation for their faith.

Celtic Gold pendant

One virgin mary necklace idea is to use detailing and ideas taken from other cultures, such as the Irish culture. Since many irish people are Catholics, using a Celtic symbol along with the Virgin Mary is a representative way to show some of the most popular and outspoken Catholic subgroups across the world.

You can use a Celtic cross, Celtic lettering, or Celtic designs on the Virgin Mary necklace.

Guadalupe gold necklace

Another option for a virgin mary necklace for a friend or family member is to use a Guadalupe gold necklace. A guadalupe gold necklace uses high-quality Brazilian gold to enhance the look, aesthetic, and shien of the Virgin Mary necklace. This gold necklace is simple and delicate, making it a perfect option to go with any outfit.

Your initials

You could add your initials or insignia to the Virgin Mary necklace. Not only will this be a unique and personal item, but it can show that you took the time to customize and make the gift one-of-a-kind. You can put your initials together, like best friends or couples, or you can choose just your initials or the receiver’s initials.


Purchasing a Virgin Mary necklace for a family member, friend, colleague, or churchgoer is a great way to show your respect and admiration for the person’s faith and religion.

Although you may not be Catholic yourself, knowing the mother figure and important person that Virgin Mary is in the Bible shows your understanding and respect for the Catholic religion. Taking the time and effort to think of different ideas for jewelry when it comes to Catholic gifts is a smart and thoughtful way to show someone you really care.