4 Best sites to buy Instagram Followers 2023

4 Best sites to buy Instagram Followers 2023

Social networks are one of the many social media marketing tools that companies, individuals and e-commerce companies can no longer do without.

Instagram is a platform where you can upload images, videos, and reels under one minute in length, stories and live streams to interact in real time with your followers.

To become influential creators on Instagram, you need to invest time and resources to study people’s behavior, so as to push them to become followers, while keeping the quality of the posts and the level of engagement high.

The time and energy spent do not always quickly repay the efforts of aspiring creators and influencers. If you need to grow on Instagram by increasing the number of subscribers, you could consider buying Instagram followers from a specialist portal in the sector.

However, you should never trust the first platform you find without first thoroughly checking its modus operandi, the guarantees it can offer to customers, the products on sale or the delivery times.

Here is a selection of the best portals for you to buy Instagram followers quickly, which you can check yourself before proceeding with the purchase. Among the sites that we recommend in this review, there are BuyIgFollowersMalaysia, SmmStore UK, SingaporeFollowers and BuyGreeceFollowers.

They are all extremely professional services, but we would like to point out these defects to you, if we can define them that way. The sites do not operate on private Instagram profiles or on those prohibited to minors. Also, they don’t accept PayPal as a payment method.

Bundle prices are extremely competitive and low, especially for small size bundles.

Once you have finished buying Instagram followers, you can eventually buy other types of reactions as well; with this trick, you will have an all-round result that will help you give a more professional view to your profile.

The sites in the following list are designed for individuals, companies and aspiring influencers with the need to get followers on Instagram.

While it may seem like a good idea, avoid buying multiple small packages at the same time from different sites; however reliable each site is, such growth would be suspicious.


BuyIgFollowersMalaysia is one of the best sites among the ones we checked. It is suitable for all users who want to buy Instagram followers quickly and without risk. Even users who require assistance during their purchases and who are not familiar with the world of Instagram and social networks will be able to use Followerius without risk.

Within the catalog, the smallest Instagram followers package has 100 followers and costs only $1.99. This is the best package for those who have never used this site and want to test it first without breaking the budget.

The largest package, however, is the one with 10,000 Instagram followers, which costs $84.99. Due to the considerable size, we advise against purchasing this bundle for anyone who does not have a more than established account.

What are the pros of BuyIgFollowersMalaysia

BuyIGFollwers is perfect for anyone who wants to improve the stats of multiple social profiles all at once. In addition to Instagram stats, it can also boost those of YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook.

Those who only want to boost Instagram will be able to buy followers and likes, auto likes, views and comments and even saves.

Among the most evident advantages of BuyIgFollowersMalaysia:

  • BuyIgFollowersMalaysia design is minimalistic and pleasant. The site has a section dedicated to FAQs that is particularly exhaustive and well structured, useful for answering the most frequently asked questions. Those who do not find an answer to their questions can take advantage of present and punctual customer assistance.
  • There are no followers bundles of excessive size in the catalog, to protect unsuspecting customers: a bundle of 100,000 Instagram followers, for example, would appear extremely suspicious and would cause serious damage to the reputation of its owner’s Instagram profile.
  • The subscribers sold are all premium and the Instagram algorithm should consider them real people.
  • Subscriber packages have slow and gradual delivery times. For example, the 100 Instagram followers bundle takes 1-2 days to arrive, but the 50,000 bundle takes 10 to 25 days for the customer to receive up to the last purchased follower.
  • Customers who want a membership package other than those in the catalog can request it from customer support and receive it at a higher price.
  • Every order comes with a 30-day guarantee to protect against follower drops. A drop of 5-20% is normal, but those who suffer too much drop can get a free refill of their lost Instagram followers at no extra cost.
  • There is several payment methods among those suggested, including credit and debit cards (MasterCard, Maestro and Visa). You can also take advantage of Apple Pay and Google Pay credit.


SmmStore UK is another particularly good site, perfect if you want to improve the performance of your social networks. These services are dedicated to influencers and aspiring influencers, celebrities, public figures, politicians, charities, companies and many others.

Followers bought on SmmStore UK cannot interact with posts, therefore they will not leave likes and comments and will not start viewing stories and videos; however, you can also order real Instagram followers who interact. Payment can be made with credit and debit cards or credit from Apple Pay or Google Pay.

There are different types of particular subscribers that you can buy, namely:

  • Real followers packages, able to improve profile engagement faster. In this case, the packages have small dimensions and higher prices. It starts at £99 for the 100 followers bundle and goes up to £89.99 for the 5,000 followers bundle.

What are the pros of SmmStore UK

SmmStore UK was created to take care of different social networks. Among the most famous: YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Spotify, Telegram and buy twitter followers UK itself.

Among the most obvious positives:

  • The followers sold by the platform are all very high quality, to mimic a natural activity that will not be considered suspicious by Instagram’s neural network.
  • Delivery of purchased Instagram followers will begin within 2-5 minutes of completing payment, although total delivery times vary based on package size.
  • The safety of buyers is preserved by a special internal algorithm that manages to determine the number of interactions to be made on a given Instagram profile without causing problems.
  • As an added precaution, the service does not provide packages that are too large to avoid flagging customer profiles.
  • To protect customer privacy, the Instagram profile password is not required during payment.
  • Purchased Instagram followers are not mere bots, but high-quality profiles that look as realistic as possible.
  • The assistance service is particularly active and ready to answer for any doubt. In particular, assistance can prepare bundles tailored to customers who request them, different from those on sale in the catalogue.
  • Anyone who doesn’t need the assistance service can still read the FAQ page, which contains all the most frequent customer doubts and advice that SmmStore.uk advises to follow.
  • SmmStore is an excellent service for those who need followers from all over the world: 40% of profiles are of American or European origin, while a further 40% are of Arab or Asian origin.
  • Each purchase is protected by a 30-day guarantee, to be used if the number of purchased Instagram followers drops by more than 20%. Thanks to the assistance, you will be able to get back the lost subscribers for free.
  • If after 10 days of paying for an order you still have not received anything, you will have 30 days to get a full refund.
  • Payment can be made in various ways, including Visa, Maestro and MasterCard cards, or via Bitcoin, PayPal and Google Pay credit.


SingaporeFollowers is a service that we have selected for its ease of use. The site is very best for its customers, with an eye to user privacy.

What are the pros of SingaporeFollowers

SingaporeFollowers is part of a competitive landscape and proves to be among the best sites of its kind. In particular:

  • SingaporeFollowers provides its customers with a catalog full of different bundles; if your ideal package is not among those available, you can contact the assistance service to request it.
  • The assistance service is very prepared and kind.
  • The followers you buy take a relatively long time to deliver, depending on the size of the bundle; to avoid alarming the Instagram algorithm, larger packages will take longer.
  • The purchased followers are all of high quality, i.e. almost identical to the natural ones.


BuyGreeceFollower is a site specialized in increasing followers, also useful for inexperienced users who need to buy Instagram followers. The service is easy to use, and almost all of the packages on sale are compatible with every type of Instagram account, including started ones.

What are the pros of BuyGreeceFollowers

BuyGreeceFollower is a site not too different from those examined so far; it too is equally good and simple to use. In particular:

The BuyGreeceFollowers catalog is suitable for most Instagram profiles, including the most established or newly launched ones.

If the catalog is not sufficient, it is possible to write to the assistance to obtain a bundle built specifically for the customer.

Orders all come with a 30-day guarantee which you can take advantage of if your purchased followers drop after purchase. No site can guarantee that a portion of followers won’t unsubscribe, but that percentage shouldn’t exceed 20.

The assistance service is always ready to answer.

Purchasable Instagram followers are of high quality and are delivered slowly so as not to make the Instagram neural network suspicious.

How to buy Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers is an operation designed to be simple, especially by choosing the most reliable portals such as those reviewed so far.

Typically, the steps to follow are these:

  • Choose the site that inspires you the most confidence or that seems to best meet your needs.
  • Carefully select the Instagram followers package that comes closest to your needs. In case of doubts and difficulties, contact support.
  • Add the bundle you want to your cart.
  • Write an email address (not necessarily the one associated with Instagram) and the URL of the Instagram account to which you will assign followers. To ensure the protection of your data, the best sites will not ask you for your password.
  • Choose a payment method among those proposed. Each site may have slightly different options.
  • Wait for the delivery of the first subscribers, bearing in mind that delivery could take several hours or days, based on the total number of followers bought.

Can you buy Malaysian Instagram followers?

If you want to establish the origin of the purchased accounts that will appear as subscribers to your Instagram account, write an email to the customer support service of the site you intend to rely on.

Some portals explicitly indicate the origin of accounts and profiles; contact the support of each site if in doubt.

How do purchased Instagram followers look like?

The followers you will buy for your Instagram account are not real people, but subscriptions are made from profiles created to look realistic, complete with profile pictures. With this trick, the Instagram algorithm will not recognize them as bots.

Some services, for example BuyIgFollowersMalaysia, allow the purchase of authentic and interactive Instagram followers who can actually view the posts and react to them. The cost is higher, but the results you get will also be better.

How to choose the right number of Instagram followers to buy?

While some sites sell particularly large follower packs, these packs should only be reserved for larger Instagram profiles that need to recover from a period of downtime or decline.

An average sized account should buy Instagram followers in small quantities, for two main reasons:

  • do not alarm the platform algorithm with an unjustifiable and sudden increase in followers;
  • Don’t make pre-existing followers suspicious by growing too quickly without increased comments and interactions.

As a first purchase, it’s best to buy only the smallest followers bundle in the catalogue; larger accounts will also be able to buy packages of 500 or 1000 followers.

Still doubts? Read the FAQs

Is buying Instagram followers a really effective strategy?

Buying Instagram followers is one of the many marketing strategies used by creators looking to make a name for themselves on Instagram.

The purchase of Instagram followers allows you to obtain a momentary improvement in visibility: Instagram, in fact, tends to reward content and accounts that receive a lot of attention in a short time.

This temporary boost in visibility should be used to naturally increase the number of shares, comments, likes and real subscribers.

Is buying Instagram followers a legal procedure?

There are no laws that prevent a regular purchase of Italian or international Instagram followers and no one has ever thought of creating regulations in this regard.

Malaysian law doesn’t punish buying followers, but you could still have problems with Instagram. In fact, the service usage policy prohibits the increase of statistics through external services that provide profiles or bots that act as new subscribers.

Can buying Instagram followers make me risk a ban?

Users who choose to buy Instagram followers are committing a violation of the portal’s usage policy. Instagram frequently checks whether the followers are actually legitimate accounts and tend to remove any that appear suspicious.

In some cases, Instagram may impose sanctions on accounts that don’t abide by its rules, such as the dreaded shadow ban.

Creators who receive this shadow ban will have a much harder time getting known to new accounts and getting new posts to appear in old followers’ posts. In the worst cases, some accounts that have repeatedly violated Instagram’s rules (not just the one regarding buying subscriptions) may even risk being banned.

If you don’t want to find yourself in this situation, only rely on a service that doesn’t use low-quality bots instead of subscribers. Only prefer sites that can only provide you with subscriptions from profiles created to look real.

Will anyone understand that I’m buying Instagram followers?

No; if you rely on sites to buy high-quality Instagram followers, you shouldn’t have any problems with that.

To avoid any risk, avoid buying too many Instagram followers all at once. A profile that grows too fast for no apparent reason can be suspicious in the eyes of the most attentive Instagram followers.

Not everyone believes that buying Instagram followers is a legitimate strategy and some argue that it is a cheat. To avoid gossip or small damage to your reputation, keep it secret when buying followers online.

Will I lose the followers I buy?

When you buy Instagram followers, you could lose an amount of purchased subscribers equal to 5-20% of the total.

This decrease should be considered physiological, but if you experience an excessive drop in subscribers, you are invited to contact the customer support service of the site you contacted.

Keep in mind that generally, using good quality sites, the risk of losing subscribers to Instagram is significantly lower.

Does it make sense to invest in advertising and sponsorships while buying Instagram followers?

Yes, indeed: it can be a great way to enhance the effect of buying Instagram followers. In fact, the purchase of followers can create a visibility boost for the profile and for the creator; by combining this boost with the boost generated by advertising and sponsorships, you could see real profile growth.

For the best results, we recommend buying Instagram followers and, subsequently, carrying out paid sponsorships and possibly some collaboration with other established influencers at least as much as you.


Instagram, like any other social media, takes time to study and master enough to grasp its mechanics and use them to your advantage.

If you want to be successful on this platform, you need to implement some social media marketing strategy that will allow you to improve your follower engagement and number. In particular, you will have to:

  • Design an editorial plan based on the needs of the target and yours: based on the topics covered, you will have to publish every day (even several times a day) or on a weekly basis.
  • Curate profile, bio, and link in bio and featured stories. This is especially important for those who use Instagram to sell.
  • Learn to use trending hashtags without going overboard, perhaps by observing successful competitors.
  • Learn to use optimized texts and high quality images/videos, which can capture attention and have some sort of internal coherence from a graphic point of view.
  • Interact with followers through likes, comments and replies to private messages; in this way, your reference community will feel closer to you and engagement will increase.
  • Use not only posts, but also reels and stories to keep in touch with people. If the topics you discuss lend themselves to you, also do some live broadcasts.

When these tricks aren’t enough, or you simply want to receive an immediate boost of visibility within Instagram, buying Instagram followers can prove to be an efficient, fast and economical solution.

In addition to buying Instagram followers, make sure you respect all the rules we have listed and take advantage of the increase in engagement due to the purchase of followers to attract new real followers thanks to the quality of your posts.

To get an additional subscriber boost, combine the purchase of Instagram followers with some form of paid sponsorship within Instagram, perhaps boosting your best or most meaningful posts to the brand you manage.