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4 Reasons To Use A Bed Bug Lawyer To Get What You Rightfully Deserve!

Bedbug infestations are every homeowner’s and tenant’s nightmare. Having bedbugs in your apartment is a huge risk factor as the female bedbugs usually lay 2-5 eggs per and survive for 20-400 days without feeding. This means they are not easy to get rid of and can be present for days without you realizing their presence.

Disturbances caused by bedbugs should be addressed as soon as you report the problem to your landlord, manager, or hotel management immediately you suspect the problem exists. However, some may be negligent to this problem and delay or refuse to deal with it rightly. In this case, you will want to take legal action against them and a bedbug lawyer is just the person to help you with that.

A bed bug lawyer helps their clients to get the necessary claims from the relevant insurance company or landlord and managers for injury caused due to bedbug infestation. Most times, these parties tend to underestimate the injury claims that are posed by victims, but with the right well-skilled bedbug lawyer like Bottari & Doyle, you can get the compensation that you deserve. The instances where you may need the services of a bedbug lawyer include;

bed bug lawyer

You had not been informed of any prior history of bedbug infestation:

Landlords may at times withhold information on previous infestations of bedbugs as they fear losing potential tenants. If you learn your landlord or hotel manager had withheld problems with bedbugs, you have sufficient grounds for pursuing a lawsuit or going through other remedies such as breaking a lease without penalty if you suffer harm from bedbug infestation. This is especially the case as the local and national law demands that this information should be disclosed.

When the landlord is forcing you to pay for the price of extermination:

As long as the bedbugs were not introduced by the tenant, the extermination price should be paid by the landlord. Determining who brought the bedbugs can be a difficult thing but in multi-unit buildings, it is usually the landlord, manager, or insurer who pays for the extermination fee. If the landlord is forcing you either directly or indirectly to pay the extermination fee, then a bedbug lawyer from Bottari & Doyle will help you get the fee lifted from you. Our expert bedbug lawyers can also help you get compensated for the subsequent physical, emotional, and mental harm that comes from bedbug infestations.

When the landlord ignores the bedbug problem:

Different states have different laws concerning the actions to take when a landlord refuses to take care of a major bedbug problem in your residence. With the help of a qualified Bottari & Doyle lawyer, you can be able to know your options and how best to go about them without a counter sue from your landlord or manager.

 When you need to claim damages caused by the bedbugs:

These little blood-sucking parasites can cause physical injuries and psychological problems for the victim while also affecting their ability to perform well and earn at peak levels. These are all grounds for seeking compensation for damages caused by the landlord or manager. Our Bottari & Doyle lawyers will help make correct estimates for you and win the case in your favor.

You shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of someone else’s incompetence and negligence. Whether it is a hotel, motel, vacation rental, or apartment complex, our expert Bottari & Doyle lawyers will help you get what you deserve to form your lawsuit.