4 Recruitment Trends That Will Dominate 2024

4 Recruitment Trends That Will Dominate 2024

With more people than ever now online and advances in digital technology, the world of recruitment is changing. The rise of Generation Z within the workforce and an increased focus on health and wellbeing will also bring significant changes. So, what recruitment trends can we expect to dominate 2024?

Recruitment websites

The digital revolution and the importance of having an online presence is having an impact on how employers recruit talent. Postal application forms are now rare, with more companies preferring to use specialist recruitment sites. Consider an organization, such as a medical facility, for instance. Rather than advertise for new staff themselves, they might use physician staffing companies. By using a recruitment website with high Google rankings, an employer immediately boosts their online visibility in a cost-effective way to reach more potential applicants. Not only that, but by listing itself on a trusted recruitment site, a company boosts its credibility and trustworthiness. It’s estimated that almost 94% of people in the US are online, so it makes sense for employers to use the internet when recruiting and assessing candidates.


The rise of AI is making an impact in many industries and the recruitment sector is no different. AI-powered algorithms can scan resumes to pick out the most relevant applicants according to their experience, qualifications, and skills. AI chatbots can then be used to interact with applicants in real time, for instance by conducting preliminary assessments which give the recruiter instant feedback. Furthermore, machine learning software can use predictive analytics to help recruiters determine the likelihood of a candidate’s success and therefore help them make the best hiring decision.

Employee experience

With a growing awareness of wellbeing, as well as a shift towards hybrid working models, 2024 will see an emphasis on employee experience within the recruitment market. This move towards a more employee-focused approach can be seen in the increasing use of technology to personalize employee experience. For instance, AI can be used to apply data-driven customization to the individual. More firms are also adopting a more flexible approach to the work-life balance, offering opportunities for remote working and staff support programs that help to promote a balance between professional and personal life. There is also an increasing emphasis on mental and physical health, with more companies adopting holistic wellbeing programs. These perks within the workplace is something that recruiters will have to consider when trying to attract candidates.

A new generation

According to an article by Forbes, people born between 1997 and 2012 are the fastest growing sector in the world of work. Recruitment companies will therefore be prepared for this trend throughout 2024 and beyond. Members of Generation Z are the most tech-savvy age group, having grown up in the internet age. This will no doubt transform the recruitment world. Agencies will have to adjust and develop their recruitment campaigns to align with this upcoming generation. Outdated recruitment strategies, such as paper application forms, will not appeal to younger people who are used to digital technology. Application processes that are optimized for mobile devices are also likely to become an essential element within recruitment.


With the younger generation entering the workforce, 2024 will see more use of recruitment websites and AI technology, as well as a focus on health and wellbeing.