Update the Look of Your Bedroom

4 Unexpected Ways to Update the Look of Your Bedroom

When you think about updating your bedroom and giving it some fresh new touches, people are often quick to paint the room, invest in an area rug or new flooring, or purchase new furniture. And while each of these will have an impact, many other options exist. Sometimes it’s the unexpected finishes and touches that make the space. If you want to ensure that your bedroom makeover project is a big success, here are four unexpected updates you may want to include.

Change the Hardware to Update Existing Elements

Hardware is often an underrated update that homeowners can forget about. You may be quick to assume you need to replace your wardrobe or bedside table because it looks dated, but just imagine what some new hardware could do for the pieces. Swapping out the old hardware for something modern, sleek and stylish will transform the furniture and give it new life. Don’t be afraid to change the shape and size of the drawer handles, knobs and pulls, especially if you want to make a statement.

Embark on a Lighting Project

When is the last time you thought about the lighting in your bedroom? If you have to think about it, then it’s been too long. This is a great time to embark on a lighting project wherein you open your mind to different fixtures, styles and placement. A bedroom should contain a mixture of lights rather than one style. This means combining such options as overhead, task, wall sconces, table or floor lamps, etc. Using a variety will give it a customised look and make it feel very luxe.

Internal Doors Often Go Overlooked

Here’s another feature that often goes overlooked and that is the interior doors in the house. You need to open the door to the bedroom to get in and out, so why not start right there by making a statement? Installing new doors is a relatively simple DIY project thanks to this Online Door Store’s interior doors selection. You can pick a different material, finish, style and colour, all of which will make a bold statement.

Bedding Needs to Be More Than Just Functional

If your current bedding was chosen based on comfort alone, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. The bed is the biggest piece of furniture in the room, which means that, even without trying, your bedding makes a statement. This doesn’t mean you need to go bold, but you do want to pick something that works with the rest of the design and décor in the space. If you’re going to splurge on anything, designers often suggest buying new bedding. Sophisticated fabrics that feel as gorgeous as they look will create the perfect atmosphere.

These tips combined with other small tweaks can help you to transform your bedroom, make it feel more modern and stylish, and turn it into the space you had always hoped it would be.