5 Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation for Homes in NOLA

5 Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation for Homes in NOLA

In addition to saving you money, spray foam insulation under the floor in New Orleans is a popular choice among homeowners. When compared to other forms of insulation, spray foam’s initial cost is higher. However, the long-term value of the investment makes logical sense.

Spray foam insulation has a longer life expectancy than other types of insulation because of its unique structural design. Because of its long life expectancy, it requires less frequent replacement, which saves you money.

Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation in New Orleans?

1.   Spray Foam Insulation is a Valuable Resource for Homeowners

Choosing the closed-cell form of the latest spray foam insulation solutions will prove to be highly significant to the other alternatives that are now accessible to homeowners in New Orleans.

Installers can completely cover any and all exposed areas thanks to the product’s large surface area. Because no other technology now on the market can offer such an airtight seal, a proper installation may increase a home’s energy efficiency.

2.   Using Spray Foam Insulation Ensures Complete Airtightness

Crawl spaces, attics, and walls are no match for the rapid expansion of this insulating material. The price of these leaks is generally one of the most significant for homeowners in New Orleans since it increases the amount of energy that is lost.

Compared to other kinds of insulation, this product is 24 times less permeable to airflow, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

3.   It’s a Long-term Investment

Given the strong chemical compounds in spray foam, it may last for decades rather than just one or two years as traditional insulation does. After it has dried, spray foam will not move or sag, even in temperatures as high as 140°F.

In other words, spray foam is heat resistant because of its high R-value. Spray foam installation is a low-maintenance option that won’t need to be upgraded or replaced for many years.

4.   Reduce Energy Costs

Spray foam has built a reputation for itself as an energy-saving alternative to traditional building materials. It is estimated that spray foam insulation saves families and businesses thousands of dollars each year in their energy costs.

Many New Orleans residents and companies have saved hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on their energy costs as a result of this. It has been shown that spray foam insulation may reduce a household’s annual energy costs by as much as half.

5.   Spray Foam Creates a Barrier for Allergens

Consider spray foam insulation if you and your family suffer from allergies throughout the summer. It keeps out pollen and other allergies by establishing a tight, airtight barrier between your walls and your home’s interior. Other spray foam insulation benefits include reducing allergens by creating an impenetrable barrier.

Is it Worth it to Get Spray Foam insulation?

Spray foam insulation has several advantages.  Spray foam is a three-in-one insulator, vapor barrier, and air barrier when properly installed by a certified technician in New Orleans.

An energy-efficient HVAC (heating, cooling, and ventilation) system may be achieved as a result of this technology, which reduces the amount of natural gas and electricity used over the course of the year.

  • An airtight seal eliminates heat loss and air leakage
  • There is a reduction in seasonal energy costs.
  • Superior in R-value than other installations in the attic, roof, wall, and floor.
  • The amount of water that accumulates is decreased.
  • Since all crevices and cracks have been filled, there’s no need to add a vapor barrier.

Spray foam insulation pays for itself in the long term. Because the house is more insulated, it requires less heating and cooling in the winter and summer. The initial investment is “paid off” year after year by the utility savings.

Schedule for a Spray Foam Insulation in NOLA Today

Spray foam insulation may be tricky to work with. One great reason to schedule and hire a certified insulation contractor in New Orleans is that since spray foam insulation spreads so rapidly, it’s tough to keep it under control. There won’t be any gaps or interruptions in coverage since they’ll ensure that the insulation is managed and applied correctly.

Even though there are DIY kits and guides available, this is not the best course of action. Too many variables are out of your control. It’s quite easy to get into trouble. A spray foam technician is in charge of making sure you receive a top-notch job each and every time.