5 Best Long-form AI Article Writers for Writing Needs

Ever since ChatGPT came on the scene, AI writing tools have been on the rise with many new platforms like HIX.AI starting to put out their powerful AI article writer in the market. This has resulted in a huge amount of competition that has inadvertently made it extremely difficult for users to tell which AI tool is the best suited to their needs.

After all, not every AI writer is well-suited for crafting quality long-form content. You need to be able to determine which one can help you generate articles, essays, reports, and more with very little difficulty. To this end, we’re going to compare the leading AI writing tools in the market that are in the best position to help you handle such writing tasks.

We’ll dive into each one of our top picks and tell you everything that you need to know to make a well-informed decision, so let’s quickly jump into it.


ArticleGPT from HIX.AI is currently our top choice for generating long-form content of any kind such as general articles, product reviews, how-to guides, news articles, and more. The writing tool is powered by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 language models, which enables it to consistently produce articles that are hallucination-free, error-free, fact-based, and plagiarism-free.

In addition, it can generate SEO-optimized content, which ensures that any content it produces will rank highly on SERPs. Furthermore, users are also able to tailor the content to suit their needs and requirements by selecting their preferred style in aspects such as tone of voice, target audience, language, word count, etc.

It also has a handy video-to-article tool that allows users to quickly convert YouTube videos into full-length text within a matter of seconds. Plus, it even comes with a bulk content rewriter that takes any existing content and churns out unique, error-free text with minimal effort required.

You can access ArticleGPT starting on the HIX.AI Pro Plan, which will cost $39.99/month and enables you to generate up to 600,000 words on GPT-3.5 and 20,000 words on GPT-4.


Formerly referred to as Jarvis, Jasper is an advanced AI writing tool that does an effective job of streamlining the content creation process for a wide range of use cases. While it is a writing tool with a rather steep learning curve, once you get to grips with its features and functionalities, it can be relied on to generate unique product listings, emails, blog posts, ad content, and so much more.

However, Jasper also comes with a unique plan called Boss Mode that is designed to specifically cater to producing long-form content with greater ease, speed and accuracy. All you need to do is give commands to the writing tool and it will generate an in-depth article from scratch within minutes. It also works in over 25+ different languages and even allows large teams to collaborate on writing projects more efficiently.

Jasper’s Boss mode plan costs $59 a month but the benefit is that Jasper does not have any word count limitations. This makes it a great option for those who may need to generate tons of content frequently.


While most AI writing tools are tailored to content marketers, Sudowrite stands at the top when it comes to creative content writing. The writing tool has been designed to specifically cater to authors and storytellers, which is why it comes with a unique set of features that help users in researching, planning, and writing short stories, screenplays, novels, etc.

All you need to get started is to provide Sudowrite with a brief description of your intended story arc, as well as detail a few plot points and it will instantly generate a full-length draft that can used as the perfect starting point. It can even mimic the same tone/style that you typically use and if your story is dialogue-heavy, Sudowrite’s Describe tool can help flesh out the rest of the content.

In addition, the AI writer can also take any existing content and provide insightful suggestions on how to refine and improve the overall grammar, flow, and vocabulary.

Users can start accessing Sudowrite’s features and functionalities at just $10/month for generating short-form content and $25/month for those who need help crafting longer content pieces.


Rytr is renowned for being the leading AI writing tool for those on a limited budget. It does well to provide users with an unlimited pricing plan at a fraction of the cost offered by most other AI platforms. And the best part is that even with the low price point, the tool is just as good as most other alternatives out there.

It can be used to generate over 40+ different types of content such as blog articles, ad copy, email copy, etc. The tool is also extremely simple enough to navigate, as you only need to select the type of content you want, provide a short brief on what you want for context, input your desired style requirements, and just like that, Rytr will handle the rest.

Furthermore, it has a convenient rewriting tool that can take any existing content and enhance it within a matter of seconds. For instance, you can reword paragraphs, fix your grammar, expand on sentences, and more. It also features other useful tools such as a plagiarism checker, SERP analysis tool, keyword generator, and even an AI image generator.

Rytr also comes with a unique writing profile feature that can be used to showcase your work and even share it with clients, teams, brands, etc.


Powered by GPT-3, WordHero is a powerful AI writing tool that can be used to generate plagiarism-free content in just a few clicks. It provides users with access to over 70+ templates that can be utilized in a wide range of use cases such as blog posts, emails, reviews, product descriptions, etc.

The writing tool’s interface is also extremely straightforward, as all you need to get started is to choose a template, input your chosen target keywords, and select Generate. WordHero even comes with a Keyword Assistant feature that you can use to input specific words, terms, or phrases into existing content.

The tool also has a built-in content editor to revise any existing text and it even provides excellent multilingual support by enabling users to generate content in over 100+ languages. WordHero’s pricing starts at $49/month with users having access to an unlimited word count.


While AI writing tools can’t completely replace human writers, they can often provide you with a time-efficient and cost-effective means of generating high-quality SEO-optimized content. Those looking to implement their use into their daily content workflow can be confident that the options laid out on this list are the best for creating long-form content.

Each one offers something unique, so take your time to carefully review them. You can also take advantage of their free trial periods, which can enable you to test their full capabilities and make the best possible choice. If you still need a recommendation, then we suggest starting with HIX.AI’s ArticleGPT.

After all, it is the one AI writing tool that effectively ticks all the boxes, especially when it comes to ensuring content quality, reliability, speed, and ease of use.