5 Easy Ways to Take Care of Hair Extensions

5 Easy Ways to Take Care of Hair Extensions

Every girl dreams of beautiful long hair. However, not everyone has such hair from nature. But this is not a reason to give up your dream, make hair extensions and enjoy your new luxurious hair!

To keep your hair extensions always well-groomed and attractive, they require constant care. The hair extensions routine is generally similar to natural hair care.

However, here are some points that you should pay attention to:

Choose the right brush for extensions

A common ball-tipped brush or comb with metal bristles is the worst choice you can do. They can tear out extended strands and damage natural locks.

The best option is to buy a Janeke brush for extensions with nylon and boar bristles. Nylon gently combs and untangles hair, without damaging bonds and tapes in the places of their attachment. In turn, Boar bristles make hair more silky and shiny.

You can find such a brush on the website of the Canadian company I Love Slavic Hair – a reliable supplier of Slavic, dyed hair, as well as quality original hair accessories.

Wash your hair correctly

In order not to weaken the bonds in the places of their attachment, control the water temperature. It should not be too hot or cold. Ideally, wash your head standing in the shower: in this position bonds or tapes will not tangle.

Do not forget to use hair conditioner regularly, and once a week use a hair mask. Just do not apply them directly to tapes or keratin bonds.

Use hair dryer

Many hair stylists recommend drying your hair extensions naturally because high temperatures can weaken the bonds. It’s true, but hot air is damaging for hair in general.

Dry your hair at warm temperatures and do not forget to use thermal protection. At the fixation points of keratin glue pellets work as carefully as possible.

P.S. Drying hair naturally is not a good idea as wet curls are more vulnerable. In addition, wet hair creates an extra load on the roots.

Sleep with braided hair

This way you avoid hair tangling, and it will be easier to brush your hair in the morning.

Use silk scrunchies

They are less damaging than cotton ones. Silk scrunchies don’t leave dents, don’t tear hair out, and also prevent split hair ends.

Now you know how to take care of your hair extensions. Try to implement these rules into your routine, and your hairstyle will be the most stylish, healthy, and beautiful!