5 Skills That Make A Great DJ By Benjy Grinberg

5 Skills That Make A Great DJ By Benjy Grinberg

If you’ve ever been to a party or club, then you know the impact that a great DJ can have. It takes a certain set of skills to be able to keep the dance floor packed and keep the energy going all night long. Expert Benjy Grinberg shares five skills that make for an amazing DJ.

Music Knowledge and Appreciation

A great DJ needs to have an in-depth knowledge of music and its various genres. They should be familiar with both classic hits as well as cutting-edge releases so they can keep their sets fresh and entertaining. Additionally, they should have an appreciation for different styles of music and be able to recognize which ones will resonate best with their audience.

Developing a comprehensive knowledge of music takes time and dedication. Still, it allows a DJ to tap into a seemingly endless pool of tracks, giving them the tools needed to push the boundaries and evolve their sound. There’s also an emotional aspect to their craft; a great DJ can connect with their audience, forming a symbiotic relationship that turns musical appreciation into a shared journey of exploration and discovery.

Technical Expertise

Being a great DJ isn’t just about playing music—it involves technical know-how too. A good DJ knows how to work all the necessary equipment like turntables, soundboards, and mixing software. They also know how to set up speakers, adjust levels, and troubleshoot any potential problems that may arise during their performance.

Furthermore, DJs who understand the technical side of their craft can better shape the overall atmosphere by making adjustments according to crowd reactions or feedback in real-time during live performances. With qualifications often being the difference between mediocrity and greatness, technical competency should be viewed as an attribute essential for becoming a successful DJ in this day and age.

Crowd Reading

The ability to read the crowd is essential for any DJ that wants to remain successful in their field. A great DJ needs to observe their audience closely so they can anticipate what kind of music will go over well with them. They should be able to quickly adjust their set list depending on the mood of the room and be ready to switch things up if something isn’t resonating with the crowd.

The best DJs are those who can seamlessly transition between genres and tracks, catering to diverse tastes while maintaining a cohesive flow. By mastering the art of crowd reading, DJs can create memorable and captivating performances that resonate with their audience, establishing a truly unforgettable experience.

Creativity & Innovation

Great DJs don’t just stick to tried-and-true methods or play it safe when it comes to their performance. They push themselves creatively by trying new techniques or experimenting with different genres of music to create unique experiences for their audiences.

Adept at blending different sounds and styles, these multi-talented artists possess a deep love for music and an inherent knack for knowing what works on the dance floor. Constantly challenging the norms of electronic music, DJs push the boundaries of their craft.

Organizational Skills

Being a successful DJ requires excellent organizational skills. They must stay on top of their gigs, prepare marketing materials, schedule sound checks before each show, and keep track of every song played (including backup copies). All of this is necessary for a smooth and hiccup-free performance.


According to Benjy Grinberg, becoming a great DJ requires more than just having a good ear for music. It requires skillful technical knowledge and creative innovation backed by strong organizational abilities and attention to detail. With these skills honed over time, you’ll find yourself becoming one of the best DJs out there!