5 Tips for the Best Trucking Website Design

5 Tips for the Best Trucking Website Design

An engaging website is a significant tool for a trucking company. It focuses on attracting customers and recruiting truck drivers. Empowering your business with a relevant platform, you can propel it to the next level and improve its performance. So, you should generate the site design with attention to functionality, layout, information architecture, and user experience to make it useful for your company. To attain an excellent trucking company website design, follow some tips that will help you create an enticing and profitable site.

5 tips for the best trucking website design

1.      Keep your homepage uncluttered

Every company owner wants to tell about their business and its advantages as much as possible, so frequently you can find a lot of detailed information on website pages. But not always you have time to read all of it or watch long videos about the company’s history. That’s why it is vital to share only relevant data in a laconic format to avoid clutter.

Since the attention span is declining, place the most important data first, so that the users can immediately understand what kind of company it is. To make the info and visual elements clearer, add white spaces between them. You can also communicate your message through a few images and short videos, but choose only high-quality content. Thus, the visitors will perceive it easier and quicker.

2.      Make your content readable

Readability is the key to people’s minds. The more recognizable the information is, the better users understand it. They want to look through the website content smoothly and find what they are looking for easily, without being distracted by inappropriate color and font size.

For your platform to be accessible, choose satisfactory background and text colors contrast. Besides, keep your typography coherent. You don’t need to use several fonts to draw users’ attention. On the contrary, various ones will confuse them. So, use three typefaces that are consistent with your brand identity and are large enough.

Also, adjust the text size. Make titles larger and subtitles smaller and divide the information into paragraphs to make content comprehensible.

3.      Add several CTAs

It is not enough to give the information about your company on the website pages. You need to encourage visitors to take a desired action. This is where a relevant call-to-action helps. And your potential customers expect it, as they can engage with your services effortlessly. You can greatly simplify the users’ search by guiding them to the right place, contributing to a better user experience. So, CTAs can prompt the audience to visit your blog, subscribe to mail-out, or share their contact information.

To make CTAs effective, it is necessary to create a captivating and noticeable button with the right emotive wording that highlights your benefits. The placement is also significant. Don’t limit the site to only one call-to-action at the top of the page, as visitors lose opportunities to act. That’s why locate them throughout the page, so that they don’t need to go back to the top or bottom. It improves the user flow and makes it intuitive. With several good CTAs, you have more chances to inspire your potential clients to contact you.

4.      Optimize it for mobile

Nowadays, more and more people connect to the Internet via their mobile devices, as they help find the needed information quicker. So, you can be sure that more than a half of your website visitors will use their phones to reach your services. To low bounce rates, it is vital to create your platform mobile-friendly. Such a design will immediately expand your potential and increase conversions. So, It is a must for a trucking company that wants to get more driver applications and interact with a larger number of clients.

5.      Create intuitive user experience

If you want your trucking site to bring your company new employees and clients, you need to generate the user experience properly. The website navigation is an indispensable part of your platform design, as irrational one may ruin the user flow and cause troubles with the public engagement with your services. Clear navigation will bring you more benefits, as it also helps optimize SEO and raise your platform in the search results. So, put yourself in the users’ shoes, try to predict their actions, and follow these tips:

  • Connect the logo with your homepage, thus enabling visitors to avoid unnecessary clicks.
  • Structure the menu according to the priority of sections and make it easy to find.
  • Add anchor menu and back-to-top button if your website is long-scrolling.
  • Supply the site footer with relevant links, including your social media icons, contact information, and a brief menu version.

Final thoughts

If you want the trucking website to serve your business goals and bring benefits, you need to implement these tips, as it can transform your company’s performance. Having a site already, you can doubt whether it conforms to these requirements or not. We recommend you to address a design agency that will help you either renovate your platform or create a new efficient one from scratch. Thus, you will feel more confident about your online presence and get a chance to enhance your business.