6 Tips for Finding the Best Hats for People With Big Heads

6 Tips for Finding the Best Hats for People With Big Heads

A hat is a covering for the head which serves several functions. It shields the head from the rain and sun, makes one’s hair remain tucked while working in a food industry, and prevents the head from coming in contact with harmful substances while working in a facility with high risks, amongst many other purposes.

Hats can be worn in various ceremonial traditions to enhance your fashion sense and make a unique statement. All hats are not the same. Every big hat style fits a particular shape of face, personality, and fashion genre. However, a discouraging factor in purchasing hats is that most stores do not have all sizes.

Many stores commonly have a one-size tag of hats. Moreso, only a few fashion brands have a wide range of hat sizes, styles, and colors. Anyone with a big head would find it unnerving to purchase a hat. Hence, this article has been put together to help those with big heads find suitable hats.

6 Tips for Finding the Best Hats for People With Big Heads

Wear the Hats that Have Adjustable Straps

If your head is bigger than an average-sized head, you should get a hat that has an adjustable strap. For example, many baseball caps have snapbacks of the plastic-type available in three varying size options.

On the other hand, some others have an adjustable buckle closure with Velcro straps, such that it is possible for you to make adjustments according to the size of your head.

Find Handmade Hats

Nothing beats the comfort of having a custom-made hat, that is, having a hat specifically made for you. Irrespective of your head size, even if it is uneven, a hat made to order will always fit your head perfectly.

Moreover, when you decide to get a hat specially made for you, you will have the liberty to choose the material you prefer, any style you desire, and whichever color you think is best for you to have.

Put On Wide-Brimmed Hats

It is usually advisable for people with heads larger than the average-sized heads to go for hats with wider brims. Wide-brim hats include cowboy hats, sun hats, and top hats, amongst many others, which, when people with big heads put them on, could give the mirage that those people’s heads are tiny. Another example of a wide-brimmed hat is the straw hat.

Straw Hats

Straw hats are typically the big class of hats. They are the old type of hats in the history of hats, and people love to wear them whenever they visit the beach or any other vacation spot. Straw hats were made with raffia straw majorly, making the hat environmentally friendly. It should also be washed with the hands only. This is because straw is pretty sensitive.

Straw hats fully protect the head from the rays of the sun with the help of the wide brim. However, care should be taken whenever you want to purchase a straw hat, as not everyone displayed will be suitable to wear.

Furthermore, straw hats often lose their shape. Nevertheless, when they do, reshaping is a lot easy.

Wear the Stretchy Kind of Hats

6 Tips for Finding the Best Hats for People With Big Heads 2

Generally, those with big heads are always conscious of their heads, and they would rather hide it. However, it would be of huge help if you consider purchasing and wearing a hat that naturally stretches while maintaining its fashion statement.

For example, wearing a beanie is a great headwear to use if you have a big head. This is because the stretchy material easily aligns with the shape of your head, which could also hide uneven curves.

Beanies are available in various attractive colors. Apart from the standard regular wool material, beanies are now being made in acrylic, nylon, polyester hemp, cotton, rayon, etc.

Measure the Circumference of Your Head Before you Go Out for Hat Purchase

There is a circumference range for the average size of head for men. This means a man with a big head will measure more than the average size, and a man with an extra-large head size will measure much more. The same applies to women.

Therefore, before you purchase a hat for yourself or anyone, especially a person with a head size bigger than average, ensure you measure the head size. This will enable you to easily request sizes that fit perfectly from the sales attendants.

The sales representatives of the hat store must be well-informed about the essential facts which will make it easy for them to help you out.

Try Wearing a Newsboy Cap

A newsboy cap, otherwise known as a flat cap, became well-known in Northern England in the 14th century. It was formerly referred to as a bonnet.

The cap is characterized by a stiff front brim with a round top. The rounded top is capable of hiding your big head and then placing the focus on your face.

Hats for Big-Headed People

6 Tips for Finding the Best Hats for People With Big Heads 3

Purchasing a hat is not the same as buying a shirt, whereby when you state that you are big, you will effortlessly find the one that fits you. Even when you sometimes buy a big-sized hat for your big head, the fitness may not be as comfortable. It may still be tight and uncomfortable, as the shapes of people’s heads differ.

Have you ever found a seemingly perfect hat with a perfect color and excellent material, and you are highly stirred up to buy it, only to try it on and be wholly disappointed for the exact reason you have experienced several times before then: not fitting your big head?

Do not think you will never find a hat you love in the size you need. With the tips in this article, you will find yourself numbering your hat possessions soon. A big head should not prevent you from wearing your preferred hat style.