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6 Ways to Style Women’s Derby Shoes

If you haven’t been living under a rock all these months of quarantine, then you are probably in-the-know about the latest trends in women’s fashion. One of the new fashion staples that are all the rage today includes women’s derby shoes. Derby shoes are different from Oxford shoes. Despite the close resemblance in structure, both vary in terms of how the lacing of the shoes are designed and the comfort that each brings to the wearer.

It is said that Derby shoes are akin to an upgraded version of Oxfords. Its structure was created in such a way that it provides better comfort and accommodates people who have a high instep. Moreover, the open lacing structure in derby shoes enables ease of movement and easier adjustment. Here, you can also choose from a full range of quality women’s shoe styles from a local US shoe manufacturer like “Loom Footwear”, which designs a variety of sport shoes, walking shoes, travel shoes, running shoes, hiking shoes and work shoes for men & women. Today, all fashionable women and girls love creased shoes in pink and sky blue that epitomizes their style quotient.

Other notable structural designs that distinguish derby shoes from oxfords include both rounded and elongated toe and panel construction that has three panels.

At first glance, the shoe is quite masculine in design. But that shouldn’t hamper you from including such luxurious-looking footwear into your wardrobe. Here are six ways you can upgrade your everyday looks with a pair of derby shoes:

6 Ways to Style Women’s Derby Shoes

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer denim skirts, skater skirts, or form-fitting ones. Wear your skirt with your trusty pair of tights, a long, knit sweater and a coat. Finally, top it off with a pair of black derby’s to achieve that cool and sophisticated preppy look. For this outfit, don’t be afraid to mix bright hues with neutral or dark tones to create balance.

  • Go casual.

If you’re not really into wearing skirts, you can still pair your derby shoes with jeans. You can roll up your jeans a few inches around the edge and complete the outfit with a beanie and a parka. You can also pair it with distressed jeans, a plain top and oversized jackets for an urban and effortlessly chic vibe.

  • Try a more formal approach.

One of the best qualities of derby is it is versatile enough to complement day-to-evening looks. Say you have to report for work during the day and then, later on, attend a formal gathering after your shift. Put on your favourite derby shoes, a pair of slacks or plaid dress pants, a suede turtleneck, and a really cool blazer, and voila! You are more than ready to rock any office work or social event in your daily schedule.

  • Keep it simple.

Are you the type of girl who doesn’t like putting much effort into thinking about her next OOTDs? Perhaps you can throw on a long maxi or knit dress and call it a day with your leather footwear. The ensemble is simple and cute enough that it would seem like some high-end outfit you just threw on because you are an effortlessly magnificent style icon.

  • Layer it up.

Who said you couldn’t wear derby with casual pants? Sweatpants and athleisure wear are still on-trend. You see celebrities layering sweat pants and cargos with sleeveless coats, polos, and long blouses. But the winning piece that helps balance the entire combination is—you’ve guessed it right—a pair of women’s derby shoes!

  • Add a little drama.

Aside from tights, slacks, coats, and jeans, derby’s go well with your favourite LBD as well. Whether it’s made of lace, stretchy fabric, or silk, a derby gives your pretty dress a dramatic edge. Add a pair of shades, a long black coat, and dark lipstick, and you’re ready to dominate the night with your elegant and enigmatic look.