Casual Footwear

7 Fashion Essentials Every Man Should Have in Their Closet

Maybe you’ve decided to finally get serious about your style or always felt like there was something missing. When you get down to it, fashion really boils down to a few basic principles, and once you understand those, building a style is much easier.

You also want to have something for every occasion, and if you have a very specific style, you might be caught short-handed at times. Let’s take a look at a few essential items every man should have in their closet

Casual Footwear

The very first thing you want is to get a pair of casual shoes. They might be sneakers, but casual can mean something different to someone else. For instance, you might be more of a slip-on guy or even feel more comfortable in a pair of brogues. The most important is that you pick a pair that you feel comfortable in and can wear virtually anywhere.

Formal Footwear

Here, you don’t want to go veer too far away from the classics. Dark brown brogues could work there, but a pair of dark brown Oxfords will work with virtually any suit you wear. Don’t fall for the trends here; formal wear was not meant to stand out, but to fit in. So, forget the Peter Pan shoes and go for something that is time-tested.

Formal Footwear


One of the most overlooked pieces of accessory is the humble men’s bag. Having s stylist, designer leather messenger bag or a laptop bag can do wonders to your overall fashion and dressing sense. For example, you can reflect a quirky or dignified side of yourself by taking help from pedro bags. Having the right men’s bag says a lot about who you are as a person. It is also a piece of accessory that has high functional usage and can help you in multiple ways.

Knowing how to accessorize is essential for any man. After layering and coordinating colors, this is probably the single thing that will elevate your style the most. Whether it’s a pocket square, a nice bracelet, or a nice watch, no style is truly complete without the proper accessories.

We would also suggest that you only invest in quality. This is when you want to look at designer brands with a nice selection of accessories, like Burberry, for instance. If you want to know what they have to offer, we suggest you check out this store’s essential Burberry accessories. They have something for everybody, whether you have a funky streetwear look or are more of a classic guy. Whether you’re looking for a scarf, belt bag, or even cufflinks, you’ll find them all in the Burberry collection.

A Sports Jacket

If you’ve never worn a sports jacket and you’re in your 30’s, now could be the best time to try. You might be a bit intimidated by those, but trust us, there are few things that can elevate a man’s style better than a nice sports jacket.

Note that a sport’s jacket is not a blazer. They are similar, but blazers tend to be a bit more formal. A sports jacket can be dressed up or down and can help transition a day look into an evening one. But, more importantly, it will compliment your frame and make you look more sophisticated. And it’s a great thing to have on chilly summer nights.

Dark, No Frills Denim

You also need to have a pair of denim in a solid color with no embellishments. That means no fading, no tears, not patches, nothing. A pair of dark navy or black jeans could be worn in virtually any situation, even formal ones when used wisely. This can also look great with a nice pair of low-profile sneakers and a vintage shirt. Since this will be one of the most important pieces in your closet, consider buying good quality denim jeans that fit perfectly. This will be one of the most important pieces in your closet, so make sure that’s it is good quality and choose the right fit.

A White Dress Shirt

Now that you have your dark denim and a sports coat, what better to complement it than a white dress shirt? These are an absolute must and there are cases when only a white shirt will do. They can be worn with a suit, or alone for a more casual look. This will also be one of the most important and versatile pieces in your closet, so we would suggest you have it tailored and make sure that you pick a material that you’re comfortable in.


You will also need to have at least two coats in your collection. One will be functional and the other one will be for the look only.

The stylish one could be something like a double-breasted pea coat, for instance. The other coat needs to do what it’s supposed to do, and that is to protect you from cold and rain. If you live somewhere that gets bitterly cold, a parka in a neutral color would be a perfect option. If you’re dealing with temperate weather, then you could pick up something like a shell that you can throw over anything you’re wearing at any given moment.

If you were trying to complete your style and have something for any occasion, we suggest you pick up these items. You’ll now be able to build on these elements and refine your style as you go.