7 Reasons To See A Musical This Year

7 Reasons To See A Musical This Year

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the thrill of a live musical on stage. Those who haven’t experienced these things may feel they’re overhyped or not for them. For some, nothing can compare to the experience of going to the movies. If you’re still not convinced that musicals are awesome, though, maybe this will convince you. Musicals can be enjoyed as a short diversion, something to do to while away an hour or two and provide you with a visually stunning and musically pleasing experience accompanied by instruments that will take you to another world.

Let’s take a closer look at how musicals improve your state of mind and body, with our 7 reasons to see a musical this year…

#1 It Boosts Your Imaginative Powers

Imagine going to the theatre to see a musical. Think of the gorgeous balustrades and marble columns. The luxurious velvet curtains will entice your imagination before they open to reveal an unbelievable exotic backdrop and even more magnificent artists up front. The point is to challenge yourself in areas of thought that you rarely employ. You probably don’t make it a practise to watch people sing and dance while dressed in eye-catching costumes. How would it affect you, if at all?

  • It will make you very happy and this will get your synapses sizzling and release those feel good feelings.
  • You’ll grow accustomed to hearing and seeing music and dance from many different traditions.
  • If you make it a habit to see musicals, you’ll unleash your whole creative potential.

#2 Musicals Will Increase Your Tolerance

To get the most out of a play or musical, it helps to have some background knowledge on plot, subplot, and character development. These will resonate with you on a similar level. Picture yourself in a musical about a misunderstood brother or a scorned child. You’ll feel compassion for a character as you watch them go through emotional turmoil. You’ll develop tolerance and empathy for other people’s plights, which is far more significant. And that can help you become a far more effective writer.

#3 Musicals are a Stress Reliever

This is, indeed, why people go to see musicals. The musical genre is sealed off from the rest of history. They take you away to a different place, one where everything is just right and the characters act in accordance with the plot. It’s all well balanced, and the whole thing will fascinate you to the point where you forget your problems for a while. The entire musical hinges on this premise. It’s more than just a nice diversion. You’re dropped into a time capsule and carried along on a wave of feelings and experiences that have nothing to do with your own. And for many, that’s a great way to relax and unwind.

#4 – Musicals can Recharge your Brain

In other words, your mind gets a serious boost. Wonderful, right? The power of the mind can be unlocked by listening to music alone. A musical, however, goes well beyond that. A culture based on public display. Every member of the cast would have been honed to perfection via rigorous training, eventually merging into the role they play. More crucially, though, audience engagement is essential to the success of any musical. The goal of any good musical is to merge the audience with the stage. Your applause, shock, and tears provide much-needed nourishment for those actors who need it. They need it to survive. You have just as much right to be there as they do.  The audience is immersed in the experience of a musical. When you adapt to a new set of difficulties, setbacks, and failures, your cognitive abilities skyrocket. You’ll internalise their longings and fantasies, experiencing life through their eyes. Your own senses are no doubt heightened, and you may find yourself thinking in novel ways. Your mind will naturally continue to wander in this direction. They’ll learn more nuance, leading to better quality overall.

#5 – Musicals can Increase Mindfulness

Being an audience member is similar to being a part of a community, if only for a short period of time, and this sense of camaraderie helps to elevate the mood. No matter the genre, viewers will get a mental exercise along with the characters as they go through a wide variety of emotions. Studies on the effects of watching sad films reveal that doing so boosts happiness by making the body produce more of the feel-good chemical endorphin. And if it’s a comedy, we all know that a good chuckle can do wonders for relieving stress and tension in the body and mind.

#6 Musicals are the Best Medicine

The experience of watching a play or musical has more than just an emotional impact on the audience. According to studies, the cardiovascular benefits of attending a live performance are comparable to those of nearly half an hour of cardiac activity. Audience members’ pulse rates, brain activity, and other physiological signs were tracked by researchers from University College London (UCL) and the University of Lancaster during a live performance of the musical Dreamgirls on London’s West End. The average person’s pulse rate was between 50 and 70% of its maximum for about 30 minutes. According to the British Heart Foundation, this is the ideal rate for improving cardiovascular health and endurance.

#7 Musicals show us that Change is Good

Live theatre is dynamic, ever-changing, and instantaneous. Each night’s performance is different, even if the script remains the same. There is never going to be a repeat performance. This way, everyone engaged enjoys an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind adventure.

The possibilities for realising your hidden strengths are, as you can see, limitless. Musicals have their own special attraction and can help you use portions of your brain you never knew you had and you’ll be taken to another world for a short time. Attending a musical performance in person is the only way to go. There isn’t anything better available online – live musicals are the way forward for body and mind.