7 Simple Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot This Year

7 Simple Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot This Year

Every year, you can count on winter to deliver on three crucial promises: there will be cold weather, festive holidays, and the flu.

Flu season may have already arrived, but it’s never too late to get your vaccine. Here are seven reasons you should roll up your sleeve for a jab.

1. It’s Free in Some States

At a time when everything costs more thanks to record inflation, even a flu shot’s minor price tag—which can range between $25–$110 — could make you want to dodge the jab.

Luckily, there’s some good news this winter. Some states, like Arizona, offer the flu shot for free to those on state insurance plans.

But don’t worry if you’re uninsured — many pharmacies and health clinics in Arizona offer discounted rates for flu vaccines this season.

If you still can’t quite manage to cover your shot with this help, consider putting the rest on a line of credit. You can find online personal loans in Arizona that are designed for these small, urgent, and essential expenses you can’t ignore. An Arizona line of credit gives you some breathing space in these emergencies.

2. It Helps Prevent the Flu

Once you get over the price (with or without the help of a line of credit), you can focus on the number one advantage of the flu shot: immunization.

The flu shot significantly lowers your chances of getting the flu, so you can stay healthy all season long. That means no sick days, extra medical expenses, or missing out on fun experiences.

3. You’ll Feel Less Sick

You can still get the flu after your shot, but don’t give up on it just yet. Your flu symptoms will be less severe, and you’ll recover faster thanks to the jab.

4. You’ll Protect Others

Lowering your risk of getting sick reduces the chances of spreading the flu this winter.

This selfless act protects these groups who are more likely to contract the flu, even with their own jab:

  • Immunocompromised individuals
  • Chronically ill people
  • Pregnant people
  • Seniors above 65 years of age
  • Young children

A simple jab in the arm can also help those who can’t get their own shot, including people who are allergic to the ingredients. Your immunization helps them through herd immunity, so you can feel pretty good about that.

5. You Won’t Have to Cancel Holiday Plans

If this is the first time, you’re seeing friends and family since the pandemic, you don’t want to cancel plans over the flu. Getting your jab can keep you healthy enough to celebrate with all those you hold dear.

6. Last Year’s Shot Might Not Protect You

If the past few years of tracking COVID variants have taught you anything, it’s that diseases can mutate and change quickly. Last year’s vaccine may not give enough protection against this year’s newer and more infectious strain—not to mention immunization typically declines with time.

Getting boosted every year makes sure your immune system is prepared for the latest flu.

7. The Flu is Set to Be a Whopper This Year

Perhaps the biggest reason to get the flu shot this year is that flu season is expected to get worse. The CDC is already calling it the worst flu season in 13 years as hospitals fill up with cases. This is putting extra pressure on the healthcare system, so you’ll want to do everything you can to stay out of the hospital this winter.

And there you have it — seven simple reasons to get vaccinated today!