8 Damage-Free Home Decorating Ideas for Renters

8 Damage-Free Home Decorating Ideas for Renters

Renting a home doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel like your own. There are plenty of ways to decorate a rented space, even for luxury apartments in New Jersey, without worrying about damaging the walls or furniture. In this blog, we’ll be looking at eight damage-free home decorating ideas for renters.

1. Hang Curtains

Curtains are an easy way to add style and color to any room in your rental property. They can also help insulate against drafts and bright sunlight, creating a cozy atmosphere in any room. Curtains are relatively easy to hang and require no nails or screws, so you won’t have to worry about leaving marks or holes when you eventually move out.

2. Install Wallpaper

Installing wallpaper can give any room in your home a unique look, but it is only sometimes an option with rental properties due to the risk of damage caused by removing wallpaper once it’s been hung. Fortunately, there are now many types of removable wallpaper on the market that allow you to get the exact look without worrying about damaging the walls when you remove them later.

3. Add Rugs

Adding rugs is one of the easiest ways to instantly change up any room in your apartment or house without worrying about making permanent changes. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes and offer comfort, warmth, and protection from wear and tear caused by foot traffic over time.

4. Switch Up Your Furniture Arrangements

Rearranging your furniture is a great way to give any room an instant makeover without spending money on new pieces or breaking out the hammer and nails. By changing up where each piece of furniture resides in the room, you can create different looks while maximizing available space in small apartments or homes with limited square footage.

5. Use Peel-and-Stick Wall Art

Peel-and-stick wall art is a great way to quickly add personality and style while still respecting landlord rules regarding nail holes or paint colors on their property walls — plus, they are much easier (and less expensive) than traditional wall art! You can find everything from geometric shapes and patterns, animals and plants, and maps of cities worldwide — there’s something for everyone!

6. Paint With Washi Tape

Washi tape is becoming increasingly popular among DIYers because it’s inexpensive, easy to use, and comes in virtually every color imaginable! It’s also ideal for renters because washi tape can be easily removed from surfaces without leaving behind residue or damage — making it perfect for adding personal touches such as stripes along door frames or ceilings without breaking lease agreements!

7. Hang Mirrors

Mirrors are another great way to instantly add style without breaking out the drill and screws — plus, they reflect light, making smaller spaces appear larger than they are! You may want to invest in adhesive mirror hangers if your landlord allows, as these will leave no trace behind once removed after vacating your rental property. Just remove them if you have plans to move out!

8. Add Plants

Plants in a home area add life and provide natural air purification benefits. However, if you’re renting, hanging planters may not be possible due to restrictions imposed by landlords. Fear not, though, as various plant stands are available that don’t require drilling into walls! Not only will these free-standing planters brighten up any living area, but they’re also straightforward (and safe) to move with you when vacating your rental property!


As we’ve seen here today, there are plenty of options available for renters looking for ways how they can make their luxury apartments in New Jersey feel more like home without having to break any regulations set forth by their landlords — from hanging curtains & installing removable wallpaper to adding mirrors & house plants — there truly is something for everyone who wants their rental place feel more like theirs but remain respectful towards those who own it too! So go ahead & start decorating today & show off your creativity & style – just remember that all items must be removed upon moving out, so keep this in mind when considering what type of decorations will work best long term!