8 Ways to Design a Healthy Kitchen

8 Ways to Design a Healthy Kitchen

You know that you need to eat healthier but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. One way to get on the road to having a healthier diet is to give your kitchen a makeover. You don’t necessarily need to remodel your kitchen, by making a few changes you can create a kitchen that will set you up for success on your healthy eating journey. These changes can also appeal to potential buyers, as real estate agents will tell you.


When you are redesigning any space in your home, the first step is to declutter. By decluttering you’ll make storage room for the tools that you’ll need on your healthy eating journey. For example, If you have duplicates of items or any plates or mugs that are chipped, you’ll want to get rid of these.

Get the right tools

While you are getting rid of some items, to eat healthier you’ll undoubtedly need to cook more, which means more cooking tools. Some of the tools you might need are storage containers for meal prep, additional pots and pans, and maybe even a food processor. Investing in a high-quality rubber cutting board can also be a wise choice for maintaining a clean and hygienic cooking environment. After decluttering, you will have more room for storing these tools. Having updated kitchen storage can make your house appealing to potential buyers.

Get organized

When you watch what you eat, you need to be prepared, and to be prepared, you need to get organized. You will likely want to invest in storage containers so you can prep your meals in advance, especially for lunches to take to work or dinners to eat when you get home after a long day. That’s why decluttering is such an important step, to help you make room for the tools you need.

Upgrade your refrigerator

Fruits and vegetables are going to become a staple of your diet when you are eating healthier and that could mean that it’s time to give your refrigerator an upgrade. Look for models with plenty of drawer space for produce so that you can store everything you need. You may also want to consider an extra freezer in your garage so you can prepare soups or other healthy choices in advance. 

Make lists

As you start cooking more, you may rely on lists to know what you need to buy. You can create a dedicated area for your shopping list, such as by adding a chalkboard wall. 

Make healthy foods more accessible

If you are used to grabbing something on the go, you’ll want to design your kitchen to make healthy foods more accessible. That might mean freeing up a drawer for nuts and an area in your refrigerator for cutting up vegetables and fruits that you have prepped in advance. Think about ways to store these easy-to-reach foods so you can grab them when you need them. 

Create a prep area

You may quickly discover that you are spending a lot of your time chopping when you switch to a healthier way of eating. That means you need a solid prep area. You want this area to be well lit and also to give you easy access to knives and cutting boards — maybe even adding a butcher’s block countertop.

Make it fun

By decorating your new kitchen in a fun way, you’ll be more likely to enjoy cooking in it. You can add an accent wall in a fun color, or put in a colorful backsplash that is functional and adds a unique element. 

With a few changes, you can create a kitchen that can support you on your healthy eating journey.