9 Amazing Birthday Ideas for Girls

9 Amazing Birthday Ideas for Girls

Have you come up with a theme for your kid’s holiday? Congratulations, consider it half the battle!

But no matter what theme you choose, there’s an even bigger challenge of creating fabulous party decor to set the right mood for your girl and her little guests! Any mishap can happen at a party, if your kid is wearing a jeans but the button got stuck then visit https://sewingmachinebuffs.com/how-to-remove-jeans-button-without-breaking-it/ to know how to do it.

Turn the child’s room into a fairy tale world with pompoms, LED lights, DIY tablecloths, tinsel, fresh flowers, sweet edible decor, and, of course, quality Peppa Pig balloons — what girl doesn’t love them?

Check out these 9 amazing birthday ideas for girls.

Create a solemn balloon arch

A grandiose arch will immediately add a festive atmosphere to your interior and draw attention. Also, by creating this noticeable decoration, you will manage to cover a large space of a room or hall.

To create an arch, you will need medium and large balloons, as well as a string — this is the easiest option for a frameless composition, but it still looks just magical!

Choose the colors of the balloons that go with the color palette of your party theme. For example, if you have chosen a Peppa Pig style party, then focus on pink, white, yellow, and red balloons, add branded Mylar Peppa & her friends balloons — this will make the kids happy!

Opt for a kraft paper tablecloth

You can make a tablecloth from anything, but we recommend choosing a high-quality kraft paper for this: some stores offer paper rolls for wrapping gifts. Choose the colors, which match the concept of your celebration, or vice versa, and use shades that contrast with the chosen color scheme.

Add some festive vibes with cake and pastry stencils: stick the stencil on tape and paint over with spray paint!

Turn ordinary balloons into masterpieces

If you have some plain color balloons in stock, but you want something special, we’ve got a good idea for you!

To create this little miracle, you only need a can of paint: choose the color according to your taste. However, it must match the color of your balloons. For example, white matte items will look great with gold paint, yellow inflatables can be splattered with drops of green paint, and so on.

Hang mirrors everywhere

Among other ideas, you can decorate the walls in the room with mirrors: they will add light and space to the interior and please little princesses!

Choose mirrors in different shapes and sizes; then create beautiful frames for them by cutting them out of cardboard, painting them with gold or silver paint, and attaching them to the mirrors with double-sided tape.

Make paper weathervanes

With such paper weathervanes, you can decorate not only the festive table but also the room for a child’s birthday.

By the way, they are easy to make: all you need are cocktail straws, colorful 6×6” paper, and buttons. Cut sheets of paper in each corner, fold them, and attach them to the straw using a button.

Make balloons with gifts

This is a charming decor that always gets kids excited! It is especially relevant if you’ve got lots of little guests at your kid’s party.

Fill balloons with helium and tie a silk ribbon to each balloon. Now, create pretty cardboard boxes (you can buy them from any local gift shop), put small gifts in each of them (sweets, small toys, bracelets, sunglasses, jewelry), wrap the boxes with pretty wrapping paper, and tie them to balloons.

To make the installation look even more beautiful, make ribbons of different lengths so that the balloons float at different heights!

Create fabulous cookie houses

You should help your kids develop a love for beautiful things from early childhood. And why not start with edible houses for your festive table?

These are not that difficult to make: you will need biscuit-type cookies, icing (for bonding), and curly marmalade. Kids will love these edible decorations!

Hang up the tissue pompoms

It is another inexpensive but eye-catching decoration for your kids party.

To make these pom-poms, fold 10 or more sheets of tissue paper (thin wrapping paper) into a stack, fold an accordion with a 0,7” crease, tie it in the middle with twine, then unfold it, layer by layer.

Make a DIY heart garland

To make such a garland, you will need colored thick paper, a heart-shaped hole punch, and a sewing machine.

With a figured hole punch (you can find it in arts and crafts stores), you need to cut out cute hearts and sew them in the middle (3-4 pieces each) with a sewing machine. This garland is a great way to decorate a girl’s birthday room!