Creating Corporate Videos to Boost your Brand

A Guide to Creating Corporate Videos to Boost your Brand

While there are many forms of advertising, none have the impact to match video; rich 4k content created by a professional video production company can transform your image. You may have thought about video in the past and wondered what the process involves, if that is the case, please read on, as we outline the various steps in making a corporate video.

Initial contact

Choose a video production company such as Visual Domain, which has a wealth of hands-on experience and a reputation to match. Their creative team would ask you many questions to ascertain your needs and help you to identify your goals, which is a critical step in the process. This initial meeting helps both parties and if a concept is proposed, this is the basis upon which to build.

Second meeting

Providing the first meeting was productive and the client sees a way forward, another meeting is scheduled, this time with the video creative team who work with the client to formulate ideas. The aim of this meeting is to give the creative team the data they need to put together a couple of storyboards, which they present to the client at the next meeting.

Presenting the concept

The creative team present one or more storyboards to see the client’s response; a storyboard is a series of still images to give the client a clear picture of the video and should this prove fruitful, the creative team gathers more data to prepare a project proposal.

The proposal would include:

  • Storyline or plot
  • Location details (if shot outside of the studio)
  • Props/actors
  • Script
  • Formats

The proposal would also include a provisional quote that may or may not be all-inclusive. Once the proposal has been approved by the client, preparation can begin.


The production team prepare the set or studio, the props, the actors, the lighting, etc. The aim is to shoot as much raw footage as possible, with varying camera angles. Like all film shoots, the director is the one who calls the shots and with a professionally put-together plan, filming goes smoothly and when the director has all the raw footage they need, the shoot session is wrapped.

The final stage is the editing room, where software gurus work their magic and the final version is exported in the required formats and delivered to the client for comments.