Accessory Basics and Style Guides

Accessory Basics and Style Guides

Have you ever looked inside your wardrobe and felt like something is missing? How many times did you struggle to put outfits together? Fortunately, you’re not alone with this problem. Actually, creating cool outfits is as simple as 1-2-3 when you own the right accessories. Accessorizing is a delicate balance between looking sharp and staying comfortable. From Paris to London, the SS22 runways were filled with creative clothing and bright colors, allowing people to embrace something positive through their attires. In fact, clothes that we pick form our identity and tell others what we feel at the moment.

Accessories and clothes are equally important in your outfits. In other words, they work together to create a harmony that expresses your style and reflects your mood. In today’s fashion world, accessories are all the rage; they include so many exciting pieces like jewelry, watches, eyewear, hats and caps, scarves, gloves, handbags and backpacks, belts, shoes, etc. that allow us to express our unique style. Even better, you can pair the same add-ons with different attires and get many cool looks. So, instead of buying new clothes, you can update your accessories instead.

Now let’s discuss must-have fashion basics every fashion-minded person should own:

Shoes that last.

Many people believe that shoes should be the most expensive part of your wardrobe (leather is still the first choice in shoes). The truth is your choice of shoes is crucial to your outfit. There’s no doubt that premium material constructions and detailing can transform your footwear from being the finishing touch to the focal point of your outfit. Besides, most custom or handmade shoes are in demand for their exceptional comfort and standout quality, enabling them to last season after season. By the way, the same pair of shoes can be matched with different outfits. Let’s take white sneakers that work exceptionally well with both casual and formal outfits.

Tote bags.

A tote bag is a very useful accessory. Simply put, a tote bag is a mid-large sized bag with two parallel handles. Seamlessly combining practicality with style, tote bags can be worn casually or used to make a statement on formal occasions.

Sunglasses that flatter.

For instance, aviators and shades with a tortoiseshell frame are absolute classics. They work pretty well with almost all face shapes and can look either modern or old-school depending on your outfit. However, there are myriads of other great sunglass styles that can take a special place in your signature collection. Some models, like Lindberg’s titanium shades with a one-of-a-kind two-lens construction can take your fashion game up a notch and transform a number of your summer outfits.

Hats and caps.

They have cemented themselves as eternally stylish accessories for men and women alike. Baseball caps, bucket hats, fedoras, beanies, etc. are a stylish and versatile addition to many looks. For your information, baseball caps were chosen as the most popular style. Pair a baseball cap (its variations include a snapback, dad cap, five-panel, unstructured, etc.) with a plain white tee and canvas trainers or dare to add a baseball cap to your smart-casual outfit and make a big statement!