Add beauty to your home with a Jewish Silver Candelabras in 2022

Add beauty to your home with a Jewish Silver Candelabras in 2022

Having candelabra at your home is an additional decor that accentuates the beauty. Jewish silver candelabras adorn the ambiance like the necklace on a princess – making it sparkle with scintillating glare. Historically, they were used for providing light – in bigger mansions – which had a dearth of light source. As time progressed, candelabras started to position itself as an ornament that takes your home back to the retro days.

Understanding deeper about candelabras

The word candelabra is derived from the Latin language – that means its a stand whose main purpose is supporting the source of light. 400 BC is the last recognized date since when the candelabras were existing. The materials used to manufacture them include silver, brass, copper or iron. 1800’s was the time when the silver candelabra became quite popular in the dinner tables – atoning the beauty of the dining space. As the light bulbs came into the picture in 1870s, they started to replace candelabras.

Jewish silver candelabras in the modern times

Moving on from the sole purpose of lighting, candelabras have re-positioned themselves as a decorating piece. The Jewish silver candelabras also find an importance during the Shabbat in the Jewsih culture. With 5 arms around the central stalk, it allows holding 5 candles at the same time, thus enlightening the room – during the dark hour. The poetical meaning could be that when everyone in the family stays together, just like the candle, rooted with its central stalk, all the dark times in life will be tackled – eventually.

The Jewish culture pays a lot of importance to the Friday Shabbats. Being an hour of congregation with the family and friends, their homes are alighted with menorahs. The prayer is offered in front of the candelabra that add a sense of enlightenment to our lives.

Religious and historical importance of Shabbat

The historical and religious importance of Shabbat can lead us better to understanding the importance of the Jewish Silver Candelabra in the Jewish culture. As per the texts, the supreme power worked tirelessly for the 6 days of the week, resting just for one day. He worked straight for 6 days till the universe creation was done – thus taking rest on the 7th day.

It preaches us to work tirelessly, focused on a bigger goal for 6 days – before taking our bodies to rest on the 7th day. It is a day of thankfulness  – and feeling of gratitude which we have towards our lord – and we celebrate this by congregation & lighting the room with Jewish Silver Candelabras.

Get your home adorned with the beautiful candelabras

Take a walk past the retro days with the beautiful silver candelabras. Light up your home in the best ways possible. The color silver is quite meaningful to the Jewish culture, which is why Jewish Silver Candelabras have a higher popularity across culture. But, if you are looking forward to try different colors, don’t hold yourself back! Few things that you must note before buying one include the arms, material & size. Don’t wait any further – buy now!