Advantages of purchasing Star Wars real lightsabers

Advantages of purchasing Star Wars real lightsabers

Ever since its inception in the last of seventies, the Star Wars franchise has attracted one of the highest fandom globally. With recent launch of Star Wars movies every few years, the cultural significance of the franchise is expected to consistently expand.

For franchise fans, collecting memorabilia is a popular way to express their love and dedication to the teams, with the lightsaber being the highly renowned. Owning a real lightsaber is the best way for Star Wars enthusiasts to link with their favorite character and enjoy it like a real Jedi.

Check out the advantages of Star Wars real lightsabers

Links you to your preferred character

If you’re looking to connect with your favorite Star Wars series character, there’s no better way to experience what they felt than by employing a copy of their lightsaber. While you may not be able to afford replica of all the lightsabers used in the Star Wars franchise, it’s essential to own a neopixel lightsaber at the very least.

An inclusion to your collection

No Star Wars fandom is fulfilled without owning a real lightsaber for true fans of the franchise. Fortunately, there are many real and retractable lightsaber producers and sellers worldwide, making it easy to find a top-quality lightsaber to include in your collection. For those looking to go a step higher, it’s even possible to custom-craft an exclusive lightsaber.

They are part of a valuable investment

Die-hard fans of Star Wars all share a common interest in collecting items from the series. As the Star Wars series consistently expands, the cultural impact of the franchise is likely to grow even more in the future. In simple words, the limited edition real lightsabers available today could be sold at a greater cost in the coming time. For instance, Mace Windu’s amethyst lightsaber is quite uncommon and highly demanded among fans, and people are ready to offer a premium price. However, it is important to store the lightsaber in perfect condition to retrieve the highest value.

Perfect for dueling

Nowadays, lightsaber combats have gained high popularity, so if you are interested in martial arts, you can duel using a combat lightsaber. Because of the modern technology, retractable combat-ready lightsabers are designed with long-lasting and strong blades and hilts, real-like sounds and effects, Bluetooth and color-changing specifications, making lightsaber duels dynamic and enjoyable.

They project your cosplay genuine

If you’re going to cosplay as Anakin Skywalker, why not satisfy his appearance with his iconic blue-bladed lightsaber? As they are the highly recognizable product from the Star Wars franchise, even to those who aren’t fans, so it’s a no-brainer to include it in your Star Wars cosplay.

By including a real lightsaber to your kitty, you can fully embody and authentically portray whichever character you’re cosplaying.


The Star Wars lightsaber is a renowned and essential part of the franchise that every true fan should make it a part of their collection. Having a replica lightsaber demonstrates your dedication for the franchise and provides additional benefits, such as adding authenticity to your cosplay and allowing you to better link with your favorite character.