Advantages of using vacuum ovens

Advantages of using vacuum ovens & reflow ovens in your industry

In a vacuum, oven heat treatment is given within the airtight vessel to extract moisture and dry the delicate tiny parts and remove some flammable solvents. In this process, a low-pressure environment is created to minimize oxidation during drying. These ovens mostly operated at high temperatures like 200C to 250C.  It is an electronic tool used in different chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, medical and agricultural industries. Easily, a vacuum oven can remove unwanted chemicals and moisture to save from unwanted reactions.

Features of vacuum oven

A vacuum oven can heat things in a vacuum chamber and is similar to working as an oven. The chamber is the chief mechanism of the oven which heats the majority of substances and controls the boiling point. With the help of a chamber vacuum oven able to evaporate unwanted materials without burning. The features of vacuum ovens can be pointed out as:

  • Racks, shelves, and various carts are present within
  • Equipped with the cooling system
  • The alarms, timers, recorder, and other options are set with it
  • Overall it is explosion proof
  • Can be controlled as a single set point or programmable
  • Having air filtration and record options

When vacuum ovens include capacity, pressure range, and temperature range then important parameters to consider. The maximum temperature at that unit can operate and perform. The capacity refers to the heated internal space of the unit. Vacuum range means vacuum ovens can be low, medium, and high.

Exceptional advantages of vacuum oven

A vacuum oven is also known as a vacuum-drying oven. It is applicable to many testing and researching fields and it can be used on a large scale also for many purposes. There are several exceptional advantages of vacuum ovens are:

Removed powdered substances

Powdery items or samples cannot be removed or blown easily with any flow of air but the vacuum oven air circulation method is specially used for this cleaning method. The durability of vacuum ovens is also much better than other traditional systems.

Eliminate the thermal explosion

In the normal environment thermal explosion of oxides cannot be decreased but with the help of an inert condition or vacuum oven, these oxides can be eliminated.

Used for complicated parts

Several types of complicated mechanical parts and mysterious samples can be cleaned perfectly with the help of a vacuum oven.

Can apply on heat-sensitive substance

Vacuum ovens can greatly reduce the boiling point of the liquid to be expelled so these can be easily applied to heat-sensitive substances and give a perfect result.

Best for dry smaller particles

Some smaller particles and substances cannot be easily dried like the powder and other granular samples but with the help of a vacuum oven, these substances can be effectively dried or decreased without taking time.

Vacuum ovens are used for

Without using an overwhelming amount of heat to dry or heat-treated something is not possible. For this purpose, vacuum ovens can be the best option. Almost all industries use vacuum ovens on their equipment that cannot handle the excessive heat of a normal oven. Because it works very differently than standard ovens. Continue reading below to know what vacuum ovens are used for:


A vacuum oven can be used on electronic components to remove moisture without damaging them. For example watches or phones that have accumulated too much water then they need to remove moisture. In the process of creating printed circuit boards, vacuum ovens are used to remove water from moisture-laden electronics and to cure epoxy coating without exposing them to harmful heat.

Medical devices

There are several reasons to use vacuum ovens for medical devices. First, they sterilize equipment before using it. Secondly, it is used to purge any trapped chemicals in the device. Thirdly, it used to evaporate to decrease the item’s humidity. Experts use it to remove or kill any pathogens that may still linger on a device and can be dangerous.

Reflow Oven

A reflow oven is an electronic heating device used for mounting electronic components that are printed on the circuit boards through SMT technology. This technology is widely applied in the electronic manufacturing industry to construct electronic devices. Reflow ovens are an important component of the soldering technique. Reflow oven technology is preferred over other technologies used in the electronic manufacturing industry because this technology is more cost-effective than other techniques like through-hole processes.

Vacuum reflow ovens offered planned distribution of heat in the form of radiant and resistive heating. In this method, all components and materials are heated properly in a uniform way by all sides.

Advantages of reflow oven

A reflow oven is an excellent option for manufactures that do not require the mass production of PCBs. It is possible to solder most SMT components manually but it can be time-consuming to solder individually. This work becomes easy with the help of a reflow oven.  There are some advantages of reflow oven are listed below:

  • Trusted by many manufactures
  • Options for providing soldering
  • Less thermal shock
  • Works with few amount of monitoring
  • Suitable for SMT assembly
  • Not having a large wasteful process that can be applied to specific parts of the PCB

A reflow oven provides the user to control the temperature during the heating of the PCB and soldering components together with soldering paste. The thermal profiling has to be set up systematically if you want to experience a good reflow oven.

Reflow ovens have multiple zones and their temperatures can be controlled individually. Reflow oven heat is transferred through radiation and every zone consists of various heating and cooling sub-zones. For fast heating and cooling industrial reflow ovens are used because they have to revolve around very large printed circuit boards.

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