Answered About Mother of the Bride Dresses

All Questions Answered About Mother of the Bride Dresses

The wedding day is indeed very important to the bride but it is also equally important for her mother who has been by her side all these years. These are the modern times where mother of the bride wears are not restricted to modest and formal knee-length midis or bland evening gowns. With the evolution of fashion, more styles and designs have come up for the fashionable mums which has made it even more difficult to settle on one. 

While confusion is a major thing when you shop for mother of the bride dresses 2021, here are the few commonly asked questions and answers that can help you clear the air:

In short, you can choose any light shade as long as it does not upstage the bride’s attire i.e. stay away from white, ivory or champagne. However, in some cases the bride isn’t keen on wearing traditional white. Usually, the most popular MOB dresses colours are beige, sepia, rose gold, crepe, peach and flamingo.

You are free to play mix and match but don’t go over the top because it can overpower your attire. Most importantly, mums can seek inspiration from the bride. There is no need to match your dress with that of your daughter’s but a certain coordination or synchronization between the two will be quite appealing. 

If you have set your heart on dark colours, try and avoid black. Instead, go with navy blue, burgundy, maroon and soon.  

What Colour Should You Choose?

  • What Length is Appropriate?

While buying mother of the bride dresses, you should always keep in mind whether the outfit is age-appropriate. If you choose a long evening gown with an A-line or a sheath silhouette, it will be suitable and match the overall tone of the celebration. However, if you want something short, the knee-length cocktail dresses are not too bad either.

What Length is Appropriate

  • Does the MOB Dress Need to Match with Bridesmaid Outfits?

No, the mother of the bride dresses need not necessarily match with the bridesmaid dresses. Like the bridesmaid she is also a very important member of the entourage but she is the mom; she needs to stand out. It will be quite amazing if the colour or style of the dress complements the bridesmaid gowns but what’s more important is that the MOB dress is able to complement the wedding dress. 

  • Does the MOB Dress Need to Match with Mother of the Groom Dress?

It would be a moment of joy for both the bride and groom if their mothers wear coordinating outfits but there is no hard and fast rule like that. You can take the groom’s mother for shopping and exchange ideas to make it a successful venture. 

  • When Should You Start Shopping for MOB Dresses?

Usually, six months before any major wedding season the nice collections start arriving in the boutiques. In case, you are busy with wedding preparations and don’t have time to shop in advance, follow the bride’s lead. Finding the correct wedding dress is very important to her and for you finding the right MOB dress. Make your plans accordingly and get your hands on the best items. 

  • Can MOB Dress Shopping Be Done on the Same Day as Wedding Dress Shopping?

It will rather be better if you don’t try to wrap everything up on the same day. Finding the right dress is not a chore, it is a dream that needs time to be fulfilled. Check out all your favourites from different salons and then decide on the right one. 

Always remember, comfort comes before everything whether you are shopping for mother of the bride gowns or bridal gowns. Most importantly, prioritize the bride’s opinion. It is her special day and as the saying goes – “The bride is always right!”