Mattigan Twain Warrior

All Things About Mattigan Twain Warrior

Mattigan Twain Warrior is an American female celebrity. She is highly apricated in the Hollywood, and wrestling circle. Her proud parents are Dana Warrior and James Brian Hellwig.

Mother Dana Warrior herself is a renowned personality because of her career in wrestling. Apart from that, she is also a professional modal and muscle builder. Mattigan’s father James Brian Hellwig is a popular wrestler with the nickname “The Ultimate Warrior”. As Mattigan was born in a famous family, she was a child celeb since her birth.


Mattigan was born in the United States of America on the 16th day of May month of the year 2002. From this, we can accurately calculate Mattigan’s age of 19 years. She is an American national birth and holds American Passport. She has only one sibling as a sister. Her sister’s name is Indiana Marin Warrior. As per our rigorous research, we have found Mattigan’s net worth is approximately over 300K USD. However, her income source is undisclosed.

Personal Life

There were rumors of Mattigan’s engagement with her boyfriend. However, she come out in the public and ruled out such claims. When asked about her dating status she smartly tackled the question and pronounce herself as a proud single. Both the siblings Mattigan and Indiana are studying in their respective Universities and receive higher grades in exams.

Both of them were spotted hanging out together several times with their parents in concerts, sports events, and ceremonies. Their favorite activity together includes shopping and gossiping. Like her parents, she might become a wrestler in the future many predict.


Mattigan is a sexy celebrity with blonde hair. However, her weight and height are not public. Fortunately, her picture and videos are widely available so one can see her and predict her features. She has black eyes.


Both mother and father of Mattigan are related to wresting and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) formerly known as World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Father James Hellwing has died in 2014. He had many rig names most popular amongst them are The Warrior and The Ultimate Warrior. Mattigan lives with her mother right now. Mother Dana also participated in wrestling and won several titles. She also owns a body-building academy for all bodybuilding and physical well-being enthusiasts.

Social Media

Mattigan is not active on any of the social media but has accounts. However, all of them are private and we could not peek into in for other pieces of information. Nevertheless, she has many fans and followers as she is a gorgeous, and lovely teen girl. Indian dose has social media profiles and is active on Instagram.


Being a lovely and happy family, in 2000 the family was dragged to lawsuits issues for their name “Warrior” by WWE. However, the family gloriously won the lawsuit and the result was in their favor. Apart from this Mattigan has never been to any controversy. She avoids them at any given time.

Mattigan enjoys her celebrity status and that never went to her head. She is not arrogant but has a pleasing personality.