All You Need to Learn About Dress Code for A Classical Music Concert

All You Need to Learn About Dress Code for A Classical Music Concert

A dress code is a way in which you are expected to dress up for a particular occasion. For instance, in a business meeting most people would go for formals, and for a picnic, most would choose casuals. Thus, formals and casuals are the said-unsaid dress code for a business meet and picnic, respectively.

A classical music concert can be put in the bracket of a semi-formal event. Though there is no rigid dress code on classical concerts, there are blogs online that can help you dress up suitably for the occasion.

What To Wear And What To Avoid For A Classical Music Concert?

Kind Of Dress For A Classical Concert

Men can wear a suit or a tuxedo depending on the extent of the formality of a particular concert. They can team it with a perfectly contrasting tie or a bow. Women can go for long evening gowns or even an A-lined or pencil-cut skirt if they wish to go for something more comfortable and less formal. To decide, we have come up with many ball dress ideas women can refer to.

Colors For A Classical Concert

For both men and women, rich colors are the most favored when attending a classical concert. For men, black, white, blue, and brown can be good choices. Women, instead, can go for shades of red, maroon, and purple, along with black and white.

However, it is best to avoid shades of yellow or green for both genders, as these colors might be jarring given the atmosphere of a classical concert.

Patterns Suitable For a Classical Concert Night

The clothes should be bold and monotone. Clothes with floral prints or polka dots might look odd in a formal setting like that of a classical concert. Hence, both men and women should try to avoid animal and floral prints for a classical concert evening.

However, some people can try out geometric patterns or stripes if they feel adventurous and think they can carry them well through the evening.

Accessorizing For A Classical concert

Accessories such as shoes, belts, hats, and jewelry are as crucial as clothes when one plans to go to a concert. Women can wear a broad belt to make a style statement if they go for a pencil skirt.

Men can go for black and brown colored, polished boots. This is because boots can rarely go wrong. Women can match the color of their shoes with that of their dress or skirt. Usually, pencil heels should be preferred over pumps and boots for women’s footwear.

A classical concert evening is a perfect event for women to flaunt their purses. Women can carry big, designer handbags or small clutch bags as per their comfort levels. Jewelry for women may include an elegant earring and necklace in stones that go with the dress worn for the occasion. However, chunky jewelry should be kept to a minimum or is best avoided on such occasions. For the concert, men can wear a classy metal watch, a metal brooch, or cufflinks.

Make-Up To Wear For A Classical Concert

The makeup should also be in line with the mood of the evening. Evening makeup that is neither very light nor too bold can be worn by women. The makeup that is applied should be suited to the skin tone and face type of the particular individual. Men should go with minimal or no makeup at all.


In the olden days, the aristocrats, while attending concerts, exemplified their mastery of the dress code on classical concerts. The concerts were a forum where the most beautiful gowns of the town came in public display.