Best Free Online Music Players for the Ultimate Soundtripping

Most of us love to listen to music whenever we do something, maybe when we go out to buy groceries or stay at home on our couch while drinking coffee. 

Music has been part of our daily lives. Whenever we feel sad, or we need something to soothe ourselves up, we listen to music. It is used in therapies to help people cope up with stress.

It’s never been fun when music is around us. It brings color to our lives and keeps us on track in our momentum. Together with the advancement of technology, music has evolved a lot.

From using vinyl players to cassette tapes and DVDs, music is now available in the software. Imagine yourself bringing a turntable on your car just to listen to music rather than having it downloaded on your smartphone and playing it whenever and wherever you like.

Good thing we are now in the era of civilization where technology has already significantly advanced. Just tap on your device, and you will be able to listen to your favorite songs. 

However, not everybody has the luxury of listening to music for free. Unlike the radio, some internet-based music players depend on your connection and subscription.

We offer you this list of Top Free Music Players Online.

YouTube Music

With its predecessor, Google Play Music, YouTube Music is now the new official music player of Google App Store since October 2020. By using its app or website, you can now search for your favorite songs online for free. 

YouTube Music


Designed by Escape Media Group in the United States, this web-based streaming music service offers free online music listening and allows users to upload their digital audio files and add them to their playlists. 


Although faced with multiple lawsuits for copyright issues by Universal Music Group, EMI Music Publishing, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group, the company could stand firm on their ground and won those allegations. 

Right now, Grooveshark is available online to play your favorite songs and playlists wherever and whenever you want. 

Slacker Radio

Handcrafted by passionate music experts, this online radio aims to deliver perfect music for you. Powered with hundreds of music stations, playlists, and recommendations, Slacker Radio adapts perfectly to suit your taste. 

Slacker Radio

This online radio station offers you free music for your smartphones, laptops, or tablets with customizable news, sports, and weather forecasts to keep you on track with the latest updates.  You may subscribe to ad-free playlists and enjoy your music without any interruptions. 


Ever wanted to use an online radio station with free news updates, live sports, and podcasts? Visit TuneIn to keep yourself updated with the latest playlists online.


You can download their app for easy and convenient access, then search the songs you want to listen to or artists to see their best playlists. From in-depth life experience to any hot topics worldwide, TuneIn will also keep you updated with their podcasts.

With more than 30 exclusive channels, TuneIn will make your mood by listening to the soundtrack of your life.


Primarily made for educational purposes, it holds itself as the only royalty-free music library that meets the credentials for online education.


With K-12 and universities as their target audiences, Soundzabound Music Library brings you the needed things for teaching ensured with copyright safety.

Being the only royalty-free music library, it has famed itself as the best choice for educators to create podcasts or digital storytelling and online presentations. Aside from its offer for educational use, they give you various musical themes that meet up your needs. 


Founder CEO Kurt Hanson in Chicago, AccuRadio, lets you enjoy hundreds of music with unlimited skips for free. With their most popular playlist, AccuRadio will make you listen to top tracks worldwide. 


They also have their application that lets you navigate efficiently to choose your genre and listen to your selected songs. 

Being an independent, multichannel Internet radio property, AccuRadio offers a broad range of genres with their first three channels of swing, piano jazz, and modern rock classics for free. 


Being the top leading Bollywood music worldwide, Saavn was founded in 2007 in India that broadcast Indian music worldwide. Saavn has also acquired rights to more than five core music tracks aired in 15 languages.

It also offers unlimited music downloads for free. These are just a few lists of free music players online that give you the freedom to choose which tracks you wish to play.


Undoubtedly, music makes us relaxed and soothes our mood. With the opportunity to listen to music for free, one can freely choose the genre they would like to play. 

Having the option to listen to songs of your choice for free is now just a touch away. From big vinyl players to cassette and DVD players, technological development has paved the way for online access to music. 

With these online websites and apps, you can now listen to your favorite tracks. Whether you go shopping or having a cup of coffee at home, you can easily get access to music. 

Although these websites offer us free access to music, we should be careful with other sites that give the same access as the ones mentioned above.

As technology advances, the chances of getting a malware attack is also a given fact. You must be careful in opening online music websites and keep yourself away from online ads. Since this is an open website, we are at risk of software breach that might steal our personal information. 

Nonetheless, if you wish to listen to your favorite tracks for free, these websites will access the songs you want.

All you need is just an internet connection and a smartphone, then you are good to go.

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