Best Way To Remove Hair From Bikini Area

Best Way To Remove Hair From Bikini Area

Many people prefer to keep their bikini areas hair-free, but it is tough to keep it that way for a long time. Thankfully, there are many ways to remove hair that are suitable for this sensitive spot.

Here are the most popular hair removal methods for the bikini area as well as how to do it:


Before you shave, be sure that the razor you are using is clean. A dirty blade can cause “razor burns” or skin irritation caused by improper shaving. Even worse, when your blade creates a wound, the dirt may enter it and cause an infection.

The blade must be sharp too because a dull one can tug at your hair and cause bumps on your skin. It will make your shave uneven and leave red spots on your skin.

Wash your pubic hair with warm or lukewarm water to soften it. Next, apply hypoallergenic shaving cream. The cream will form a protective layer between your skin and the razor.

Avoid using soap or shower gel when shaving. Although they can make your skin slippery, they can coat the blade and make it dull.

The direction of shaving must follow the way your hair grows. If you shave against the grain, the blade pushes the hairs back, causing them to be improperly positioned. Thus, they might regrow into the skin and not out of it.

Shave gently using short strokes. Rinse your blade every two to three strokes to remove hair that could block the blades.

When you’re done, rinse the area thoroughly. Pat it dry using a soft and clean towel.


Tweezing pulls out hair completely so they take longer to regrow. When you pluck hair, it will stay gone for up to six weeks, but if you shave, you may see the hair shaft again after a few days.

Pulling out hair with a tweezer is similar to waxing, but the advantage of tweezing is you can do it for any length of hair. With waxing, you have to wait until the hair is a quarter of an inch long before it can be effective.

Ensure that your tweezers are clean. You can pour or wipe them with alcohol before use. To make it easier to pluck out hair, hold your skin taut and pull in the direction of the hair growth.

Note that tweezing hair will take a long time so take breaks now and then. Make sure you have adequate lighting to locate the hairs easily and don’t pick your skin by accident.


Waxing can involve soft or hard wax. Hard wax is recommended for small and sensitive spots like the bikini area. This is because hard wax attaches only to the hair, not the underlying skin.

Waxing can make your bikini line hair-free for up to 4 weeks. A waxing session can be done within 30 minutes or less.

Use high-quality wax for the best results. If you’re doing it yourself at home, make sure you read and follow the product instructions. It’s quite tricky and messy to wax hair off because it involves wax application and pulling so consider going to a professional waxer.

Your hair must be a quarter of an inch long before it can stick to the wax properly. If your hair is longer, you must trim it so it won’t be too painful to tug out.

Apply heated hard wax in sections to make it easier to see where you still need to remove hair. Let the wax cool for half a minute or until you feel it harden. Pull off the hardened wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Laser Removal

Unlike shaving, tweezing, or waxing, laser hair removal requires a relatively high degree of technical skills and involves costly equipment. Because of this, laser removal is typically done by a professional in a clinic. There are at-home versions of lasers but these don’t work as effectively as those handled by medical specialists.

Professional laser hair removal produces the best results because it is more or less permanent. Because the hair does not return anymore, you will pay more initially, but you will save more in the long run as you won’t need to buy hair removal products anymore.

Laser is less painful and less risky compared to hair-pulling techniques. It only involves concentrated light so there is a smaller chance of infections and allergic reactions. To ensure maximum comfort, the laser specialist will apply numbing cream on the skin before firing the laser.

In addition, you will have pinpoint accuracy for hair removal. Thus, the skin won’t be damaged unnecessarily and you won’t have to worry about ingrown hair.

If you are willing to invest in permanent, pain-free hair removal for your bikini line, consider getting laser hair removal.