Blood and Treasure
Blood and Treasure

Blood and Treasure Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Updates

Blood and Treasure is a series that aired on CBS TV. It is an action series that is full of drama and adventure. The creators of the series are Stephen Stacia and Mathew Federman. It has been an exciting show for the viewers because of their contrasting personalities and attitudes.

The joining up of the contrasts play a big role in managing to catch a terrorist involved in a theft. An art piece gets stolen by a terrorist, and Lexi and Danny do their best to bring the terrorist to book. Filming of the series is done at different locales hence an awesome adventure.

The series’ first aired in 2019 and gained a lot of fame. Some of the things that made the show popular are the explorations acing locations, cast, and the script itself.  After the end of season one, in June 2019, the second season was renewed.

The information available about season 2 is minimal. There has been a lot of speculation about the second season. Therefore, we will use the demographics, speculations, and some available information to keep you updated about the cast, release date, and plot.

Release date of Blood and Treasure Season 2

May 2020 was the official date of having the show back for viewing. Its renewal was done in 2019, June making the hopes of having the second series as soon as possible.  However, the filming of the series is not complete due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The multiple locations involved in shooting make it very difficult to do the play. A lot of work is therefore involved in ensuring that the series is complete. Because the second season is likely to cover multiple areas, the hopes of having the show before the end of 2020 are almost nil.

However, the show was to be complete by May 2019. Therefore, it is evident that before 2021 elapses, the filming and everything will be complete hence an expected release. 

Blood and Treasure Season 2 plot

Danny and Lexa, who are the show’s main characters, depict a huge difference in personalities and attitudes. McNamara Danny is a lawyer practicing in the stolen art but initially was an FBI.

Lexi, on the other hand, is a con woman and a thug who comes together with Danny to locate and bring to books a terrorist responsible for stealing antique art to get funds to promote his attacks. He specializes in stealing heritage treasures.

The interesting thing is that Danny and Lexi have a perfect work relationship portrayed even after having disagreements. Farouk, who is the terrorist, kidnaps Danny’s mentor Dr. Anna who is an expert working at Cleopatra.

The kidnap makes the two work very hard to manage to rescue the mentor. Such events play a role in making the two realize their involvement in the 2000 year quest for civilization, making them aspire to do further investigation.

In the first season, Danny and Lexi do thorough investigations on the bombing of the Egyptian Pyramid. Several people die, including Farouk, whom they managed to catch, but he escapes due to Danny’s mistake.

However, they find a man by the name of Simon Hardwick trying to steal ancient artifacts. He happens to be the real Farouk. Another plot twist is about Jay Reece, who is a billionaire and a bad guy. The Guy is Farouk’s father, who framed Danny’s father for theft.

Reece is also involved in the killing of Dr.Ana Castillo. In the season’s finale, we see Danny put on an Interpol badge leading a task force to catch Simon.

There is hope that season 2 will begin from where the first season ended in suspense.

The cast of Season 2

blood and treasure season 2 cast
blood and treasure season 2 cast

There is hope that the characters of the first season will be back. Some of them, such as Farouk, of course, won’t be back. The main characters of the series are Danny and Lexi, the thief. It is expected that the main characters will be back for the second season.

Other casts members season one likely to feature in season 2 include Katia Winter, Alicia Coppola, Mark Gagliardi, Jay Reece, and Simon Hardwick. Each character will assume the same role they did in the first season.

Updates of Blood and Treasure Season 2

There are no updates about the release, cast, and plot of the second season. However, we are aware that the season’s preparation was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Once the updates are available, according to our hopes, they will be about the release; we shall post an update.


Blood and Treasure is a very adventurous action play. With the turns and the twists, viewers find it one of the loveliest series to watch. The use of different locations makes it one of the perfectly plotted series. 

Concerning the second season, there is no current update. We have hope that the release will be before 2021 ends.