Healthy Greenery Into Your Home

Bring Some Healthy Greenery Into Your Home With These Hearty Houseplants

It’s a scientific fact that the presence of live plants in an environment provides a number of benefits to human health and welfare. Plants produce oxygen, and just the sight of their greenery has a calming effect on people, lowering blood pressure and soothing anxiety. Moreover, plants are beautiful and can be used as a decoration that brings a sense of life and vibrancy to any setting.

Considering all the lovely things plants can do for us, it’s no surprise that keeping indoor plants is extremely popular! Businesses clued into their uses a long time ago, which is why almost every office you visit has some kind of greenery present, and services like indoor plant hire Sydney are on hand to make that happen, taking care of all the maintenance needed to keep these living jewels thriving.

if you are interested in procuring some plants suitable for indoor life in your home, we would like to share a few of Australia’s most popular choices:

Mother In Law’s Tongue – These attractive plants grow to around four feet tall so you will need enough space in your home to accommodate them. The great advantage of this species is that it’s hard to kill, requiring a minimum of maintenance and thus ideal for a busy lifestyle. It’s hearty enough to withstand either over-watering or under-watering. If you are new to the world of plant keeping this is a great choice to get you used to the process. They are lovely plants with wide, glossy leaves, but considering their name they aren’t as thorny as we expected…

Zebra Plant – This hearty, light-loving plant does best on a sunny windowsill and requires minimal care. It won’t mind if you don’t water it for a few days, and only grows to about 14cm so you needn’t worry about much space for it, and as long as it has plenty of sunlight it can fit into a nook or cranny other plants wouldn’t enjoy.

String Of Hearts – This lovely trailing vine has a delicate beauty all its own. It needs to have a sunny location, but not too direct. Make sure it has well-drained soil as it prefers to be dry and doesn’t like its feet wet! Keep it on a high shelf so its trailing vines can grow down to their 4-metre length! Overwatering will kill it, so be judicious when giving it a drink.

Tillandsia – This thing is nearly indestructible and perfect for the busy owner who is bound to neglect it! Hailing from the hostile environment of a Mexican desert, it doesn’t need much water and will live for years and years just as long as it doesn’t get too cold, so keep it away from drafts in winter! It is a bit spiky, so be careful to keep it out of reach of pets and small children.

The Australian Department of Environment and Science has compiled a list of native plant species that are ideal for home use, so check out their advice here. We hope this inspires you to bring some healthy green life into your home!