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You can write on any relevant topics pertaining to car & automotive and send your submissions to us. Our team will then review your submissions and revert within a few days. We may ask you to revise the content or we will modify it ourselves before publishing. Once the content is published, we’ll send a notifying email along with the live link to your post.

Why choose Cubeduel for guest posting?

Cubeduel is an authentic platform having posts in various categories from fashion, health, technology to automotive. We have a huge reader base and we even get substantial traffic through organic means. Along with our submissions, we even motivate people to write for us and get their content featured on our platform. If you are also looking to make the most by guest posting, you can leverage our platform. There are several reasons to choose us:

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Our publishing guidelines

We have certain publishing guidelines. Once you submit your content, our editors evaluate it in terms of the guidelines and then decide to publish/reject. Hence, your content should cater to these guidelines if you want it to be published on our platform. Our content standards are as follows:

  • A post should be at least have 800 words
  • Each post should be sent along with 2 images. The images should be of top-notch quality having an average width of 1200.
  • We only accept high-quality and original content. The content should be 0% plagiarized and it should not be published anywhere.
  • Do not send content related to CBD, gambling, adult, bitcoin, and the casino industry.
  • How to submit your guest post?

  • Please contact us via: