Celebrating Valentine’s Day Virtually

Celebrating Valentine’s Day Virtually? Tips To Have The Best Date

Valentine’s day is near. And not all of us have the fortune of being near our loved ones. Is that hard? Absolutely. But will that stop you from celebrating the special day with them? Definitely not. In today’s age where your loved one’s face is a flick of one button away, Valentine’s day will be celebrated. Near, far wherever you are.

Now you only need tips on how to make it exciting, eventful and of course, romantic! Below are some tips for achieving the perfect romantic date night on Valentine’s day when you are apart from your partner.

Since it is going to be a virtual date, you are obviously going to have certain restrictions on how you are celebrating it, but we can always make up for that by going an extra mile for the person we love.

1. Send your partner gift for Valentine’s Day

This is a given. Plan your surprise in advance. Courier it on a date which will make sure it reaches your partner on Valentine’s day. Even if you can’t be there with them, a thoughtful virtual Valentine gift will always remind him/her of your presence. So always pick a gift that has a personal meaning to you both when you are in a long-distance relationship and celebrating Valentine’s day from afar.

2. Cook the dinner together

Now that we have established that eating together on a virtual date for Valentine’s day is the romantic thing, you can also prepare the food for the date night. And spend time together the whole day of Valentine’s if you decide to cook together. Decide on the dish you are going to cook, plop the phone on your phone stand on your kitchen counter and cook together. Much better experience than a take out dinner date.

3. Decorate the room

Yes. Even if your partner isn’t actually coming over, it is still highly recommended to have a nice, clean and cozy space while you are on the virtual date. It will put you right in that romantic fresh Valentine’s feeling. So, get some fresh flowers, put fresh linen on your bed and take a nice long shower before you start getting ready for the date. Oh and actually get ready like you are going on a date with your partner. No blazer over pajama like zoom meetings. Okay? Okay.

4. A whole day of surprises

So this tip is actually a cherry on the top for your perfect Vaelntine’s day. If you are someone who loves going that extra mile and surprising your loved one in a grand way then you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to surprise your partner for the entire day of Valentine’s. Pick a gift for every hour of the day and send it to your loved one. Or let an amazing gifting website, Oye Happy do it for you.

5. Eat Together

Even if the date is happening virtually, don’t skip the meal. The meal is going to be another romantic thing about the date. There are fewer joys in life as genuine as sharing a meal with your loved ones. And on a special day like Valentine’s it is not to be missed. You can always get a take our dinner or maybe cook together with your partner if you would like the idea.

6. Play a game to get to know each other better

Even if you have been with each other for a decade, you can still make an informational fun game out of knowing the recent each other. We as humans are constantly evolving and your significant other is no different. The new little things they have picked up will be as interesting to know about as talking to each other was at the beginning of the relationship. Trust me on this one.

7. Get some wine!

This one is assuming either of you are not averse to drinking alcohol. If not wine you can get your favourite kind of beverage of course but a little alcohol will set the mood. It will also loosen you up for a fun conversation instead of being conscious of the fact that you guys are not physically together.

8. Play ‘podcast’

Yes. A podcast. You can divide the time among yourselves and allot time to each. In that time frame, one of you talks to the other about anything that interests you. Books, movies, your new dress. Maybe show your partner things that are new in your apartment. And ask them about the things in your apartment that he/she might have forgotten.

9. An evening of pillow talk

If you are not a big-date-on-valentine’s kinda person but still want to do something special for Valentine’s day with your partner, you can just go back to good old pillow talks over a video call. But be mindful to do the cleaning up and the alcohol and the food to get the most out of your non-date date.

10. Just talk, relax and have the best time

This is the conclusion. The most important point of all. No matter what you do, if you are tensed about the preparation or anxious about how to make it the best date even if over a video call, you would miss out the point of having a Valentine’s day date. So, relax. Let the events unfold at their own pace. And enjoy it along the way.