Celebrities, stars, and their wigs-More than just good looks

Many domestic and foreign stars love wigs, and many actors wear human hair wigs during performances. For example, the former “First Lady” Michelle Obama, Beyonce, and Rihanna usually see them all wear wigs.

However, human hair wigs are costly, and Rihanna, the wealthiest women singer in the world, is reported to spend millions of dollars on hair every year! Look at her sometimes long hair, occasionally short hair, big waves, dreadlocks, and other hairstyles. Sure enough, only a wig can make a person look versatile and do whatever he wants. But to be honest, every look of her is so beautiful.

Rihanna is not only a famous women singer but also a very successful businesswoman.

Let’s review some of the most impressive hairstyles of superstar Rihanna since 2005,

In 2005, Rihanna wore a long dress with light brown highlights and thick curls, with caramel highlights pouring down her shoulders. Rihanna proved she could have any hairstyle, even long bangs.

In 2006, Rihanna had long black hair, straight and smooth. Rihanna swept her wavy bangs to the side, leaving her hair long and curly. Look stunning in a loose wavy skirt. She has a lot of these wavy curls.

In 2007, Rihanna’s multi-layered wavy head, where she had a red stripe slipping off the bottom, looked edgier. Her wavy hair is layered and straight.

In 2008, Rihanna sported curly faux-hawk-style short hair with platinum streaks.

In 2009, Rihanna tried a strawberry blonde short haircut that was straight and layered.

In 2010, Rihanna stepped out with the most excellent rock duo-tone hair, with cherry red hair rolled up in a high bun and a neat bow.

In 2012, Rihanna went blonde with long shaggy hair and soft curls. At Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Rihanna performed in a romantic retro finger wave dress. Her hair was wavy and combed to frame her face.

In 2013, Rihanna sported long caramel-colored hair and voluminous curls.

In 2015, Rihanna wore a top knot with bangs in the center of her crown hairdo, simple and chic.

In 2016, curtain-like bangs and tousled waves were an absolute combo.

In 2017, Rihanna sported shaggy red curly hair, sometimes with long curls.

In 2018, Rihanna had an influential wavy hairstyle.

For 2019, a loose bun layered in the front is casual and gorgeous.

Fulani braids (little braids that hang on the head in different directions) for a proper queen look

In 2020, Rihanna parted her long jet black hair to one side.

Beyonce spends hundreds of millions on Her favorite wigs every year, saying, “My wig cabinet is too crowded.”

Whether it is Rihanna, Beyoncé, Iman, Monroe, or Hepburn, every performance will carry multiple sets of human hair wigs; except for beauty, there is no flaw!

Iman, a black model who made rock star David Bowie fall in love at first sight, has an elegant temperament, a good proportion of head and body, and delicate facial features. In addition to her attractive figure, her wig is also a big plus.

Of course, wigs aren’t just for black people, and white American singer Gwen Stefani looked stunning in silver fringe and a matching hairpiece at a Christmas event.

Wigs are indispensable in Africa, Europe, the United States, and other places. Especially for African women, it is determined by their natural hair texture. They are also like the women compatriots worldwide, that is, beauty! For celebrities who are not bad money, wigs bring them not only beauty but also a status symbol!