top 5 hotels in Solo

Choose from the top 5 hotels in Solo

Every person expects to have the best experience when he or she visits a Hotel either on a business trip or on a vacation holiday. In case you visit Solo city, it is important to highlight some of the hotels that would suit your taste. This article, therefore, discusses some of the top 5 hotels in Solo.

top 5 hotels in Solo

Alila Solo

It is one of the best hotels that can give any guest the value for his money. The Hotel has professional staff who know how to handle customers in a friendly manner while observing integrity. Honesty and timeliness make the basis for all the services offered in this facility.

Hence, to respond to the customers’ needs at any time, either online or in person, the front desk customer service is available throughout. The living or guest rooms are spacious with unique architectural designs. They are designed in such a way that it offers the expected comfortability and luxury levels. Security is guaranteed with the installation of great security alert systems. The Hotel also offers top-quality dishes with an opportunity to choose from the available choice selection.

The Royal Surakarta Heritage

This hotel is an iconic modern recreational and luxury center. It is uniquely designed to suit the heritage theme of Solo city. The Hotel is best suited for both leisure and business trips. Besides, it is strategically located at the heart of the city, making it an ideal place to visit.

The living room is spacious and fitter with a TV and air conditioning unit. To maintain hygiene, the Hotel has room service and housekeeping throughout your stay in the facility. Uniquely, the Hotel does not charge kids while it offers free amenities such as internet access and car parking. Online booking for accommodation with great rates is available.

Amarelo Hotel Solo

It is one of the hotels that many people visit whenever in Solo. The facility offers a mix of values to ensure every guest is comfortable at his or her convenience.

The living rooms are comfortable and exceptionally well fitted with an air conditioner, flat-screen TV, hot shower, refrigerator, and housekeeping services. Besides, Amarelo Hotel has both smoking and non-smoking rooms, and thus it offers its service to all people as per their taste and preference. The support services are available all-round the clock for any assistance needed.

Harris Hotel & Conventions Solo

Harris Hotel is one of the best hotels that assures their customers or guests of hygiene and safety whenever they visit the place. It is committed to maintaining hygiene by adopting facilitating measures such as employing highly qualified staff and adhering to all set health measures and policies.

The facility has an online booking service that allows the user to search and compare the rooms and reserve the best. Besides, the Hotel offers modern and spacious guest rooms, an outdoor swimming pool for kids and adults and other recreational amenities. Free parking and internet connection are available.

Harris Hotel & Conventions Solo

POP! Hotel Solo

This hotel offers highly rated services for any guest. The front desk services are available for 24-hours and have an online booking service where you can search, compare and reserve at an affordable rate. A variety of dishes are available for the guests to choose from as per their taste and preference. The Hotel is prime located at the heart of the city, close to Purwosari Train Station and a short distance from Adi Sumarmo International Airport.