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Construction Write For Us, Construction Guest Post

Are you interested in sharing construction-related articles with a captive audience? We allow you to publish guest posts about the construction industry on our website. If you have a trending topic or unique case study in this niche that you feel readers would be interested, send us your post on our email;

We are looking for talented writers and bloggers in the construction industry niche who will send us valuable content. The content you submit must be high quality, contains factual data, and is relevant to the industry.

Things we are Looking for in Construction Write for Us

Our company is on the lookout for relevant, unique, and original construction-related topics. It is paramount to note that the posts you submit to us must not be published on your website or any other site. The most preferred word count for our content is 1000 words and above.

Ensure you check your article for any spelling and grammar errors. The excellent article should be able to pass a Copyscape review. Also, it should contain trending information, actionable tips, and factual data. All the data should be backed up by statistics or case studies.

Some of the other important factors to consider on your posts include:

  • The post can consist of links pointing to authority websites. Also, you can have one link pointing back to your website. However, the link should not be an affiliate link.
  • The images you attach to the article must be at least 800px wide and not have copyright issues.
  • The article should not be self-promotion. However, you can mention your name or the company in the author bio section.
  • You can submit your contact email or website on the author bio
  • Our authors have the right to edit your posts
  • You have the freedom to advertise your article on your social media accounts.
  • You retain the authorship, ownership, and copyright of the posts you submit.
  • You are not allowed to republish the content

construction write for us

Why you Should Consider Construction Write for Us

We are a high authority website that receives thousands of visitors every month. Thus if we post your content on our website, you are guaranteed that a larger audience will read your content. Some of the advantages of such a platform include:

Creates Brand Awareness

In the author section, you can briefly talk about your business, products, and services. The readers of your content can follow your website or social media accounts to learn more about your brand. This is an ideal platform to create brand awareness.

Get Traffic to your Website

You also have the freedom to add a backlink to your article. This will allow you to get traffic back to your websites which will, in turn, increase your conversion rates. Remember that you will also get great visibility in the construction niche.

Boost your Domain Authority

Remember that the best way to grow and position your website is through domain authority. Once you have domain authority, you will have more visits to your website.

How do you Submit your Posts?

If you have trending topics in the construction industry, ensure that you submit the posts to our email: Our editors will review your article and, if satisfied, publish it on our website as a guest post.