CQATest App on Android

CQATest App on Android: Everything You Need to Know

CQAtest App is a short term for Certified Quality Author. It is a software application that ascertains and maintains the high-quality performance of a Motorola or Android device.

Aside from applications that rely on the iPhone, the CQAtest software has proved to run smoothly and quietly on mobile gadgets without any problems. 

You might have experienced a sudden pop-up of the CQAtest application on your mobile device. This means that it is running and determining your system device performance. During its activation, it will check your software strengths, weaknesses, and glitches. Making use of its assessment techniques to detect other issues further, should there be any.

Nevertheless, the program has justified its primary function, attracting mobile development companies to use and apply this software application tool to diagnose and become the basis for upcoming new Android models. 

CQAtest’s main objective is to create a path that runs a better and smooth version in all future mobile devices in the overall performance aspect.

Where is the CQATest App located on my device? 

The CQATest App only runs on Motorola and Android devices. If you wonder how the CQAtest got to your mobile device and where it is located, then here it is.

Where is the CQATest App located on my device

It is a built in a software application that is mostly hidden in your smartphone’s diagnostic tool. It can not be found in your application list or your general homepage, like all other applications. 

You can quickly get this application by looking into your application list under the System Menu. 

What is the function of the CQATest App?

If you think about it, the CQATest App runs quietly and is hidden inside your smartphone. Then it is possible that your mobile device developer and producer can also access the system information through the running application. This can be true, but the application can also assure you that all personal data or details are excluded and left to be private.

The use of the CQATest App on your Motorola, Android, or other gadgets will get you reports regarding your system operation status. It is also not limited to assessing and recording vital system information progress and can receive essential data on your other applications’ functional status.

The status report of your mobile device overall status ascertains that every product and software is up to the highest performance based on the required Android standard and your mobile model specifications. To know more about this, you can find the information in the data agreement “Terms of Service” during your first initial start up on a brand new Android smartphone. 

To summarize it, the CQATest App is found on every smartphone device that is supported by Motorola or Android operating softwares. It is already built inside your operating software to handle all your mobile device system’s status. It works hidden, but you can locate its real location in your system menu. 

If you see this application running in your app listing or general application homepage, it is advisable to implement a system reboot.

Fixing problems that are associated with the CQATest App

The system CQATest App usually is made use of by mobile developer companies to diagnose mobile devices function. Even though this application system is hidden, it always finds the time to read and understand it when it shows or makes notifications. It will be your best guide to have a well-maintained system performance. 

It tests all external components’ operation in your mobile devices such as a torch, touch screen, loudspeakers, and microphones. This application may sometimes affect a Motorola device’s overall performance and slows down your mobile device when running.

Furthermore, Motorola devices will start showing performance issues by experiencing troubles in sim access like your device will automatically enable the airplane mode, and you might find your battery indicator lost in the general home screen. 

Should you encounter these issues with your Motorola and Android devices, look into the troubleshooting procedure we will be discussing after this section. This will enable your mobile device back to its normal or original mode. 

Nevertheless, also consider looking for professional help when matters are out of your hand. 

How to troubleshoot by disabling your CQATest App on your mobile

When your CQATest App misbehaves, it will notify you in your display of an error saying “CQA test comm server has started,” or statements depending on your manufacturing company. It will also give you a preview of the application assessment over your system. You can find it on the main menu of your mobile device. 

If you are facing issues with your CQATest App, follow the simple test found below. The best way to solve these problems is by removing the application.

There have been two ways on how to remove or disable your CQATest software. First, you have to navigate your phone by manually disabling the application, and the second is by clearing the application cache. This will also resolve your issues.

When clearing your cache option will not resolve your problems, you need to do a full reset on your smartphone.

Steps for the hard reset:

  1. Navigate your mobile device to “Settings” and go to “Backup and Restore.”
  2. Look for the “Factory Data Reset” button and click it. 
  3. By doing this, all data information and mobile settings will be permanently erased.

It is advisable that before clicking the “Factory Data Reset,” you need to back up all your files and information in an external device such as an external hard drive, cloud storage, or computer.

For Motorola G4 users, you will find the display concerning your power cycling device, in the event, reboot your phone or do a shutdown, followed by restarting it. 


Companies and Application Developers will always find the best maintenance application for your overall mobile device performance.

By continuously developing the CQATest Application, it allows them to study and correct weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your system. They are giving you an efficient and productive smartphone.