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Many people feel the need to join the crypto community. These people are always looking for information, and we aim to provide them with the information they need. However, we are not experts in the field, and we are inviting you to write for us.

It is an opportunity for you to use your cryptocurrency knowledge and gift it to other hesitant people who want to join the field. If you want to be a guest writer for cryptocurrency, write for us posts, feel free to submit your educative posts to

What content will we accept?

We are passionate about the bitcoin community, and as such, we do not want any of our leaders misled. We expect you to write quality content that meets our editorial standards. We want well-researched articles that offer the truth to our readers and list both the pros and cons of the cryptocurrency industry.

The content needs to be original. Also, we do not mind receiving guest posts in close relation to cryptocurrencies, such as economy, politics, and even culture. You do not need to be an industry expert to write for us, and all you need is to have helpful information about cryptocurrency.

cryptocurrency write for us

Other rules

We only accept well-written articles, and therefore there are rules that you need to follow as you write for us. These rules are;

  • Word count- The word count in your article should not be short or too long. We prefer that you write articles of lengths of 500-3000 words.
  • Original articles- If you submit already published articles, we will reject them. We prohibit our writers from plagiarizing content as we cannot publish such content. A tip to submit original content is to share your own experiences instead of relying on cliché tips.
  • Do not publish the content anywhere else- If you agree to write for us, you should only submit your post to our website. Before writing, ensure you are comfortable with this rule.
  • It would be best not to promote or advertise in your post- Advertising and self-promotion are highly prohibited. We only allow you to promote yourself at the author’s bio at the end of the post.
  • You can include references- Even though we do not allow advertising, we allow you to put in links that help the reader understand the content better. We recommend referencing as it increases the post’s credibility and contributes to its higher ranking.

Why write for us

We highly recommend that you write for us because it will be to your advantage. When you register for us you;

  • Gain exposure- As people look for cryptocurrency write for us posts, they get to your article and benefit from the knowledge you offer them. As a result, they may opt to follow you. As mentioned, you can write your bio at the end of the post and add a backlink to your site. Potential customers, therefore, get to know you and click on your site.
  • Increase SEO- Experts estimate that guest posting can help you increase your SEO six times more than if you write on your site.

Therefore, if you need to write any cryptocurrency, write for us, submit it through our email;