The Plot of Death Note Season 2
Death Note Plot

Death Note Season 2: Release, Plot, Cast, and Trailer

Death note is a Manga from Japan that was produced and animated by Madhouse.  It gets its illustrations by Takeshi Obata. The creator of the series is Tsugunu Ohna, and the director is Tetsuro Araki.

The first seasons’ released by Netflix played a considerable role in attracting many viewers. However, the fans were not happy because Netflix has released several movies associated with the theme making it fail. 

Despite the challenges, the makers of the Death Note have not given up. They have gone further to come up with more concerning season 2.  The viewers have also gone a long way to demand the release of the sequel.

The first season had a self-conclusive ending. Having 37 episodes makes it easy to conclude that there will be no season 2. However, the demand to have season  2 has made the makers work very fast to guarantee that there will be season two and ready by 2021.

There are still more challenges that make the second season’s release face difficult. For instance, we have the SQ magazine expected to launch a story before the year ends. The story is associated with the episodes of season 2.

Release of Death Note Season 2

Death Note Season 2
Death Note Season 2

Having taken so long without hearing from the Death Note producers, we get worried and become impatient of waiting. The viewer’s demands on social media have made the process of the making of season 2 fast. It is therefore expected to be released at any time.

The announcement of season 2 has so far not been made because of the COVID 19. Although there is an expectation of having the season released before 2021 ends, we still have no clue of its progress and probably its date of release.

Netflix says that the Death Note has not given any communication about the continuation or end of the series.

Another Japan SQ, a magazine, will soon launch a similar story to Death Note Season 2. It is therefore expected to shed some light on the production. 

The plot of Death Note Season 2

The Plot of Death Note Season 2
Death Note Plot

Death Note has not taken the action form as other series do. It has come as a form of animation getting a Manga Serialization. It has a story of students named Light Yagami, who got a diary with the considerable label ‘DEEP NOTE.’ The looks of the diary were ordinary but had magical powers whereby if you write someone’s name, they will die.

Having this magic diary, the student gets possessed by the diary that makes him go on a killing spree. Investigations begin, and the detectives begin monitoring the kids and the scenes of death.

In the finale of season one, Light Yagami falls to his opponent, who is the most despised. The twists and the turns become tough for him. The animation is fantastic because it also has another angle you can view from. 

Ryoko and Minoru come back, but this time they are enemies to Light Yagami. Therefore, it is time that he emerges victorious against another God of death by the name Shinigami. This is after Ryuok writes his name on the Death Note. He later emerges victorious and becomes a divine who has originated from the earth. Death Note Season 2


Season 2 is expected to adopt the cast of season one. The main actor will continue with his role as the other supporters continue to. Detective L Lawliet, Misa, Ryuk, Teru Mikami, Nate River keep supporting the play too.

It is expected that there shall be new characters when it comes to season 2. These new characters are not mentioned in the original manga. The cast for the first season was excellent, but the delay of the second makes a failure. Its story release affects its fans.

The same format that came along with season one will maintain for season 2.

Season 2 Trailer

The movie launch at Netflix has brought about several challenges. The animation has a movie trailer while the franchise has also launched two video games. Viewers of the animation did not love the movie much.

Before going to the second season, the big question is has Madhouse realized the mistake, or it will recur. Do they still have to release a launching update on not? 

So far, there are no updates about the release of season 2. The cast too is in suspense, and no one knows what it will come with.


There is still no specific information about the plot, cast, and the release of season 4. We are working hard to see if we may get any updates so that we keep you posted. There is no trailer for season 2 that gives a hint on expectation.

Death Note Season 2 may come in the form of an animation or a video.  However, there is hope that there shall be one as soon as it gets a renewal for next year.