Indirect Benefits of Link Building

Direct & Indirect Benefits of Link Building

The ultimate goal of Link Building is to improve the search engine rankings of your website. A well-planned link-building campaign can boost your rankings in the search engines and drive more traffic to your site.

No matter what your specific link-building goals are, you should never forget the basic benefits of Link Building. Here in this post, we will understand what Link Building actually is along with the Direct & Indirect Benefits of Link Building.

What is Link Building? 

Link Building is an essential constituent of SEO. If you are looking to rank your website higher in search results, you’ll need to know Link Building. So, what is Link Building all about? Link Building is the process of getting other third party websites to link to your web page.

This is a great way to get your site recognized by search engines. The search engines think that if someone links to your website, they consider it as one vote. If you get more links or votes from high authority websites, the search engines will increase rank for your targeted keywords and improve your whole website’s authority.

Just make sure the links you are getting are of high quality and relevant, and that you aren’t violating any SEO protocols. It may take you some time and effort to build backlinks, but it will be worth it in the long haul.

Why are Links Important?

The search engine optimization community has been debating the importance of backlinks for years. For example, Google’s Matt Cutts famously said that links are still important, although not as much as they used to be. But other SEO bloggers insist that backlinks are still the essential element of SEO. So who is right? The truth is that both sides are right.

It is recommended to parallelly write quality content and build quality relevant links.

What is Link Building

Guidelines for Creating Backlinks

  1. Find a website that is relevant to the products or services you are selling/offering.
  2. Ensure the website you link to has a high Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR).
  3. Contact the webmasters of such websites with high Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR)  and ask for a Backlink to your website. Try and look out for possibilities to exchange links.
  4. Be sure to use specific Anchor Texts when you ask for the Backlinks. These Anchor Texts should be relevant to the page you are getting Backlinking for.

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Few Best Link Building Practices

There are different link-building Strategies or practices available to use any one of them based on your workflow and requirement. I will show you the few best link-building practices here.

  1. Outreach

The centrality to any successful SEO campaign creation is the building of relevant and quality Backlinks. The Outreach Backlink Building Tools give you the ability to reach out to your potential website backlink partners and let them know about your website or blog.

If you want to build outreach links for your site, then you need quality content. Before reaching out, you need to create and publish quality content on your website.

  1. Guest Blogging 

Guest Blogging is the process of getting your content published on other sites in order to increase your own site’s visibility through Backlinks from these websites. When done correctly, this process can help your site rank better in search engines. Not only does Guest Blogging have the potential to increase your search engine ranking, but it can also increase your site’s traffic by attracting new visitors to your website. There are lots and lots of websites that seek Guest Blog submissions. You can contact such websites subject to the suitability of topics and content relevance.

  1. Exchange Quality Infographics with Blog Owners

You can create quality Infographics related to your niche and share them with niche-related blog owners who might be interested to publish them in their websites and backlink your Infographics to your web page.

Direct and Indirect Benefits of Link Building

Though the primary objective of building links is to improve a website’s ranking in the SERP pages, the benefits of Link Building can be summed up into Direct and Indirect Benefits..

Direct Benefits of Link Building

  1. Boosts Ranking in Search Engines

Backlinks are vital to improving search engine rankings and to drive quality traffic to your website. Search engines use link popularity and link structure to determine the quality of a website in their algorithms. So, if you want to improve the rank and quality of your web traffic, you should do Link Building.

  1. Improves your Website’s SEO Scores 

If your website has more incoming links to your site or page, Search Engines like Google and Bing give your website positive scores in Web Design Company Blurn, Sydney.

If your website has relevant niche backlinks, they will positively boost your site’s SEO metrics.

  1. Increases your Website’s Domain Authority

SEO experts use backlinks as a way to measure the authority of a website. If your objective is to bring your website on the first page of Google, you need a lot of backlinks. If your site gets ranked top for most of the popular keyword phrases or search terms in your industry, Google considers your website as the highly referred and sought-after, and continues to rank your website at the top and contributes to still higher Domain Authority.

  1. Increases your Brand Awareness

As backlinks influence a website’s ranking, and help it to get numerous mentions in the SERP results and get increased traffic, it naturally increases your Brand visibility and awareness.

  1. Improves Revenue & Sales

Backlink Building enables top Search Engine results for your niche keywords and terms and drives more traffic to your website which eventually leads to more revenue and sales.

Indirect Benefits of Link Building

  1. Referral Traffic

As an online marketer, you strive for that extra few percentage of visitors coming to your site from referring websites. You get relevant traffic from websites that are linked to your site.

  1. Free Promotion

Once placing a backlink on a third-party website, you get life-long free traffic from that website.

  1. Branding

People can view Brand Mentions in your Anchor Texts and website URLs as long as the content is available and which costs you nothing for this Brand Building effort.

  1. Relationships with Influencers & Readers 

Link Building helps you to connect to lots of Influencers across topics and puts you in contact directly or indirectly with Readers who access and read your content. This helps you achieve several business objectives and goals thereon.

So, Link Building, in essence, is a successful ingredient of your website’s SEO initiatives and contributes to derive several Direct and Indirect Benefits.

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