Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions 101: A New Lash Tech’s Guide to Succeeding

Eyelash extensions are becoming quite popular these days. It’s way more convenient to get some lash extensions than to wear messy mascara.

This means the demand for lash techs is exploding and there is plenty of work to go around.

Lash techs learn the basics of applying Ellipse eyelash extensions in school but there are some tips and techniques that can only be gained with experience.

Lash techs must practice with Ellipse eyelash extensions to sharpen their skills and prepare themselves for the market. Great eyelash techs only use Ellipse eyelash extensions for practice and for customers because they are the best. Here’s what new lash techs need to know to succeed in the market using Ellipse eyelash extensions.

Choose the right Ellipse eyelash extensions.

There are several types of Ellipse eyelash extensions and they each have different features. Some are engineered for a fuller look, some have a flat or satin finish, and some are designed for better retention. It’s important to practice with all types of Ellipse eyelash extensions to get a feel for the best application techniques. You’ll get a feel for the shape of each type of lash, their characteristics, and the finished effects they offer after they are applied.

You can practice on mannequins, on models, or on both. We suggest practicing applying Ellipse eyelash extensions on both mannequins and models to give you a wide range of skills. Mannequins don’t move but they also do not have layered lashes like most people do. You should use at least 3-4 models and take pictures of your finished work to build a portfolio. The models should pay reduced prices to cover the cost of your materials. They usually don’t mind because they are getting a set of Ellipse eyelash extensions in exchange.

Technique is Key

No matter the type of Ellipse eyelash extensions you put on a client, technique is key. You should take the time to practice glue dipping and the proper direction for eyelash extension application. The Ellipse eyelash extension direction and the angle of curl can dramatically change the finished look of a set of eyelashes.

Your glue dipping technique is also important. Too much glue can damage natural lashes and too little glue will allow the Ellipse eyelash extensions to fall off prematurely. If you want to practice without a model or mannequin, you can always use a round cosmetics sponge. This will allow you to practice your glue dipping technique and proper angle application to achieve certain effects. Perfecting your glue dipping technique is key to improving your quality of work.

Get your Ellipse eyelash extensions today.

Practice is key to perfecting the art of your technique. You’ll need plenty of Ellipse eyelash extensions, a mannequin head, and a few models who will let you work on them for a reduced price. Don’t forget to take pictures to build your portfolio for future potential customers. In your spare time, you can practice your angle and your glue dipping technique on a cosmetics sponge. Get your Ellipse eyelash extensions today and set yourself up for success.