Ordering Promotional Items

Factors to Consider When Ordering Promotional Items    

A promotional item is an object imprinted with your brand’s logo, message, or product information. This simple marketing tool offers a significant return on investment because it’s something people use every day, so you can bet they’ll see your company logo or product name every time they use it.

However, when ordering promotional items, several factors must be considered, such as working with only reliable companies, i.e., customgear.com.au & Starquix.com keeping in mind the cost, quality, and more.

Doing some homework can help in getting a great deal. Continue reading to learn about the factors you need to keep in mind when ordering promotional items.


Most products you buy are made with a specific purpose in mind. A can opener is meant for opening cans, a knife for cutting things, and a picture frame for putting pictures in it. You may not think promotional items have a purpose, but they do: represent your business or organisation. People must see your item and think of you when they use it.

So, it’s important to choose promotional items that are well-made and stand up to wear and tear. Of course, it’s essential to have your logo on each item, but only if it doesn’t look out of place.

Materials Used

Plastics, metals, glass, or biodegradable items can all be used for promotional goods. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses.

For example, a metal pen is more durable than a plastic one, but it’s not great for printing stickers or customising. Choosing a material for your promotional item depends entirely on your specific wants and needs. Be sure to factor in durability, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and so on into your choice.

What’s The Cost?

There are a variety of promotional items on the market, and some will cost more than others. If you’re not ready to spend a lot, choose inexpensive promotional items like pens or magnets. If you have deeper pockets, think about ordering promotional products like flashlights or headphones.

Many reputed companies offer great prices on merchandise. Make sure you check out their website before you finalise your purchase.

Work With Reputable Suppliers

Before ordering promotional items, check with other businesses you know and ask for recommendations. They can help steer you toward a provider that makes high-quality products. It would help if you also looked at customer reviews to see what previous buyers have said about a company’s service and support in addition to its products. Remember, you want your new giveaways to be an asset to your brand.

Ask For Samples Beforehand

Business-card cases, mugs, pens—you name it, they have it. And there’s no harm in requesting some samples before you put in a bulk order for your company. This will give you a chance to see what they look like and hold them in your hands before making an order. You can even have the sample customised with your logo or name to see how the finished product would look like.

Ultimately, there are many options when it comes to ordering promotional items. In fact, the sheer number of options available can be overwhelming. So, follow these tips and make sure you order only from reputable companies that guarantee the best quality products.