Fantastic, Frugal Indoor Activities for Kids This Winter

Fantastic, Frugal Indoor Activities for Kids This Winter

Are you searching for some boredom-busting ideas? These cheap and fun indoor activities for kids in winter will help you keep your bodies moving and warm while getting in some needed quality family time.

The term cabin fever probably initiated with seafarers who lost their marbles after spending most of the time at the ocean, but it is a feeling that many people experience at some point in the cold winter months.

Cold temperatures, grey skies, and dreary weather keep everyone locked up indoors, and after a while, you start to feel a bit claustrophobic.

That goes double if you have children and triple if you are trying to save some money. Even if you are bored, it can be challenging to find a family-friendly and fun winter activity that will not break the bank.

We have rounded up this list of fantastic, frugal winter activities that your family would love to do and beat the winter blues.

Movie marathon

One of the best parts of winter is that it can be that endless jam time. Try to get through a movie series together, like Studio Ghibli, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter movies.

Snacks are vital, and delegating the menu to other family members can make for a bit of friendly competition.

Make some holiday cookies

If getting the entire family together to make some holiday cookies is not part of the family tradition, make it one! Whatever your favorite flavor is, there is possibly a holiday cookie out there just for you.

If you wish to keep things a little bit simple, or you simply like to offer younger kids a simple cookie to bake, why don’t you pick up a package of cookie dough from your local grocery store?

All you need is to pull apart and put it on your baking sheet, and you will have the ideal cookies in no time! How awesome is that?

Get creative with arts and crafts

Did you know that arts and crafts are not only for children? With the surge of adult coloring books and the continued popularity of crocheting and knitting by buying quality yarns and materials from a certain brands, arts and crafts are a proven way to pass the time.

Play a game

Other families are considered game families, but some are not. However, even when you fall into the latter group, playing a game with your loved ones is an amazing way to break the monotony.

If you have a regular deck of cards, you simply cannot go wrong with War or Go Fish, particularly with younger children. Uno is also a good card game for families as it’s simple to pick up and blast to play.

Learn something new together

Keep in mind that education is not synonymous with boring. Taking the time to learn something new together enriches the mind of each family member while bringing you all closer together.

Some recommendations include watching a documentary. You’ll find a variety of family-friendly docu-series on nearly all subjects that could help spark a kid’s love of learning.