Fashionable flat shoes for summer 2022

Fashionable flat shoes for summer 2022

Shoes are the central part of any image: any fashionista knows this common truth. And even if you don’t feel the sacred awe of Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes, you still probably pay the closest attention to them. This year, the importance of shoes is even more important: designers have prepared the most unusual options that you can imagine. We’ve taken a look at everything they’ve shown during the last Fashion Weeks and highlighted the top 8 shoe trends for this year, so you’ll be sure to stay on top of everything that’s important.

For many modern girls, stilettos are still associated with femininity cubed: they say that not a single evening dress can do without a pair of heels, sometimes extremely high. Designers are far from being so categorical. In 2022, they offer to go down from a height and try to get closer to the ground in the literal sense, that is, wear trendy brogues, moccasins, or womens off white sneakers.

The freedom that flat shoes give is hard to overestimate: in the stone jungle or in nature, you can move at any speed without the risk of catching your heel on the slightest obstacle. Ladies in comfortable sandals or ballet flats do not bypass stairs, sewer grates or dirt roads a mile away, but choose any route. In addition, doctors strongly recommend paying attention to pairs without heels: it turns out that stilettos are fraught not only with falls. Our body pays for the desire to regularly flaunt high heels, while pain in the calves is only the most obvious consequence. In the future, tendons, veins, and bones of the pelvis and spine may suffer. The choice of doctors is a flat sole with a small stable heel up to 4 cm or a neat platform.

Fashion Oxfords

Until recently, women’s fashion has been strict and demanding: beauty was considered only that which was directly related to discomfort, it is enough to recall the famous scene from Gone with the Wind, when Mammy tightened a corset on Scarlett, advising her not to breathe along the way. In 2022, ladies have become much freer: fashionable shoes often mean comfortable, and they take an example from Hollywood stars. Actresses and models, without a twinge of conscience, not only allow themselves to wear a dress with sneakers in cafes and to meet with journalists, but also wear flat shoes on the red carpet or at their own wedding.

  • ballerinas and slippers
  • brogues, oxfords, monks
  • flat sandals
  • espadrilles
  • sports
  • moccasins and loafers

Ballerinas and slippers

Reminiscent of the elegant shoes of dancers, ballet flats have long been a permanent residence in the wardrobe of any fashionista. Usually, these flat shoes are equipped with a round toe, but models with a pointed toe are also allowed. Even demanding wedding women’s fashion is condescending to them: Keira Knightley decided to complement the wedding dress with these shoes, and other fashionistas followed her.

The material for ballet shoes can be leather and suede, fabric and patent materials, cork and nubuck. Often, models are decorated with an elegant bow, and designers suggest experimenting with ribbons, straps and clasps that both fix and decorate the ankle. An open heel combined with a thin strap is also a valid option, especially for long-legged ladies. You can wear ballet shoes with almost any set: the variety of variations on the theme of dance shoes in 2016 is impressive. Monochromatic models without bows and other attributes are suitable for office everyday life, and colored ones will decorate sets for a joyful weekend. Patent or suede flats can be worn with a sophisticated evening dress or with ripped jeans: women’s fashion is calm even in the most bizarre combinations.

Brogues, oxfords, monks

Strict shoes with exquisite gloss and practical character were historically intended for the strong half of humanity, but in 2022 every fashionista knows these British names. Brogues are originally from windy Ireland, and a little later they became the favorite shoes of English golfers. Like oxfords, they are equipped with perforations, but, unlike the latter, they differ in a detachable toe, which can be figured or straight. Brogues are ideal for strict style and textured fabrics: they delicately emphasize the beauty of tweed, velvet and corduroy. You can wear a leather pair with jeans, midi skirts, and shirt-cut blouses.

Oxfords, as the name suggests, have their origins in academic England. There are a lot of types of these shoes: designers offer models from lacquer, suede and leather, combine colors and materials, make a contrasting line. It is impossible to imagine a modern business wardrobe without the elegance and rigor of oxfords. Pants, breeches, ties, maxi and midi skirts are acceptable combinations with “varsity” boots.

Another variation on the theme of office shoes without a heel is monks. This is a closed model without lacing with straps and two buckles. Smooth leather or lacquer, which manufacturers often choose for these shoes, emphasize its strict character. Monks are best paired with skinny jeans or trousers, cropped or long. It should be noted that wedding


Shoes with an expressive summer character are not going to lose ground in 2022 either: the style known from antiquity with the light hand of designers is constantly changing, adapting to fashion trends. Women’s models have become even closer to men’s: minimalism and conciseness are in trend. Color block, that is, a combination of several contrasting colors within one pair, gives way to monotony. Basic shades can be combined with wide stripes of leather or suede and thick soles, as well as textured zippers. They wear sandals with any light clothing, carefully observing the proportions: it is easy to visually shorten the legs with “wrong” models. The ideal option is the presence of a long vertical strap that visually divides the foot in half and at the same time “stretches” the legs in length. The abundance of transverse details, on the contrary, can spoil the impression even of a model figure.

The gladiator model, traditionally loved on the catwalk, remains relevant: it is easy to recognize by the abundance of straps that can reach the knee. It is easy to guess that sandals are called so by analogy with the shoes of fighters in the arena in ancient Rome. This season, it is better to abandon bright aggressive models with rivets and prefer discreet options on a high, maybe a tractor, sole. You can also choose sandals for a wedding dress, especially summer, in the Greek style: with ribbons, straps, flowers and rhinestones.