Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost Mannequin Photography and Its Importance for Fashion Apparel Store

Running an online business is as powerful as owning a brick-and-mortar store. Today, you can reach any number of customers with your online stores. However, selling online comes with challenges, such as giving shoppers the experience to evaluate the products closely. Things are more challenging for online apparel stores.

Apparels are not like other products sold online. The shoppers want to experience or at least have a hint of how a dress will look when worn. You cannot provide that experience if your apparel is clicked lying flat. Another option is hiring models who can pose with the dresses, but it can become costly. That’s why ghost mannequin photography is recommended.

Have you never heard of it?

If you are selling apparel online, you must know about ghost mannequin photography, also known as invisible mannequin photography. This guide provides an overview of ghost mannequin photography and its importance to your online apparel store.

What is ghost mannequin photography? 

Ghost mannequin photography is a specialized technique used in the fashion and eCommerce industry to showcase apparel products without an actual model or mannequin. In this method, the garment is styled and worn by a mannequin, product pictures are taken, and the mannequin or parts are digitally removed during post-processing. This creates a seamless and “ghost-like” effect.

Ghost mannequin photography services are becoming increasingly important for online apparel stores. Flat-lay apparel pictures need to be more convincing for online shoppers to buy them. The 3D silhouettes that this type of product photography produces provides customers with a view of the clothes that help them visualize themselves wearing them. It encourages them to buy the product.

With the right ghost mannequin photography service like Ether Arts US, you can easily spruce up your apparel listings on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, your store, and social media platforms. Ether Arts has over a decade of experience in ghost mannequin photography, and we offer an affordable service so you don’t have to break the bank to compete with the big brands.

Why is ghost mannequin photography important for your apparel store? 

As mentioned, to drive your apparel store’s sales, you must create an inclusive shopping experience for the customers; invisible mannequin photography is the tool you must use. There are several reasons why it’s so essential for your apparel business.

Highlights the Product

Ghost mannequin photography allows the focus to be solely on the apparel product itself. Often, apparel stores use models to distract online buyers from the product. A model might not be fit for the customers’ personality, and it can discourage them from buying the product. Customers can clearly see the clothing’s design, fit, and detailing without distractions from models or visible mannequins. That’s why all branded online stores use ghost mannequin photography to highlight their apparel. In contrast, international brands and stores, often rely on renowned mannequin manufacturers like Fusion Specialties to ensure their clothing looks impeccable both in photos and on the shop floor.

A Consistent Presentation

If you own an online apparel store, you will have more than a few dozen products in your catalog that you want your customers to see. However, if the product images in your catalog vary a lot, it can harm your brand’s reputation. With quality product photography services, you can maintain consistency in your catalog, which is a sign of trust and reliability. Using ghost mannequins ensures a consistent and standardized look for all products. This uniformity across the website or catalog helps maintain a professional and polished brand image.

Better Representation 

A challenge with apparel product photography is showcasing the product as customers want. Ether Arts uses the best techniques of ghost mannequin photography to create an accurate representation of the products. It helps customers to visualize how the apparel fits and looks from different angles. This enhances their understanding of the product and reduces the need for additional product descriptions.

Furthermore, ghost mannequin photography works well for various types of apparel, including shirts, dresses, wedding dresses, jackets, and accessories. You can use it, particularly for apparel that has intricate details. It can be used for close-ups of those elements such as fabric type, embroidery, or artisan work.

Cost and Time Savings 

The time and cost savings are apparent when comparing invisible mannequin product photography with traditional model photography. Hiring models and arranging photoshoots is expensive and time-consuming as it requires much more resources. Models, makeup artists, bigger space, and more lighting. However, ghost mannequin photography can be done in-house or outsourced at a fraction of the cost.

This is one of the significant factors that first-time sellers or small-scale apparel businesses must use ghost mannequin photography to save time and cost.


We hope you understand why ghost mannequin photography service is important for your apparel business. Ether Arts US is a reliable name offering affordable ghost mannequin photography services. Our services are available all over Atlanta and neighboring states.