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Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere- Bio, Family, Education, and Other Interests.

Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere is known as the adoptive father of Cher, an American actress, singer, and television personality, and the ex-husband of Georgia Holt, an American actress. He was born in Irvington, New Jersey, on June 29, 1923.

In education, Gilbert went to primary and high school in his hometown Newark, New Jersey. While in grade school, Gilbert was in the American scout program, and he attained the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest achievement in the American scouts BSA program. He then joined the University of Missouri School of Mines.

At college, Gilbert was a member of the Sigma  Pi fraternity; he was also the president of the fraternity. The second world war interfered with his college studies, and he was away for two and a half years. He finally graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering.

Career and Net Worth

After graduating from college, Gilbert Hartmann started working as an evaluation engineer for City Service Oil Company in Oklahoma City. After working with the oil company for some time, he worked at Chase Bank, New York City, where he also worked as an evaluation engineer. Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere worked in gas and oil companies before landing a job as the Gas and Oil Department Manager at W.E Hutton and Company.

Things seemed to work in favor of Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere; after Hutton, he got a job as a vice president of the oil and gas division of the Union Bank of California. He worked as a  vice president for a while before venturing into the oil business as a gas and oil financial consultant. He helped companies to establish financial stability.

Given that Gilbert Hartmann Lapiere worked in the oil and gas business for a long time, he must have made a good fortune. His exact net worth before his death is not known.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Gilbert married Georgia Holt in 1961; they stayed together for three years till 1964, when they divorced. After his divorce, Gilbert married Beverly, and they were together for over 30 years. In Gilbert’s two marriages, he had four children, all daughters, Verna Bullock, Cher, Georgeanne Bartyluck, and Diana Spahn. Upon his death, Gilbert also had several grandchildren.

Gilbert was a golf lover and a member of the Quail Creek Golf and Country Club for thirty years. He used to visit the club to enjoy golf.

Gilbert’s Ex-Wife

Gilbert’s ex-wife Georgia Holt was an American actress, musician, and model. In acting, Holt has been featured in some films, including Watch the Birdie, Lovely to Look At, and Grounds for Marriage. She also featured on some television shows, including The Elle Degeneres Show, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and the documentary Behind the Music

Gilbert’s ex-wife died on December 10, 2022, as stated by her daughter on Twitter. She was 96 at the time of her death, with old age and other associated factors being the cause of her death.


Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere died on February 7, 2012, in Oklahoma City, aged 89. The cause of his death is unknown, but it is probably due to old age.