Grown Ups 3

Grown Ups 3: Release Date, Cast, Movie Plot, Adam Sandler

As a Grown Ups film fan, I am very sure that you are waiting for its release. After an auspicious time since its inception, the comedy movie has had a varying feedback from various stakeholders in the film industry.

Grown Ups 3 Release Date

The last release of Grown Ups 2 was on July 11th, 2013. So, when will the release of the third film of Grown Ups be? As per news doing rounds, the release will not be anytime soon. The last time rumors had that the movie will be out on July 4th, 2018, but that didn’t happen. Therefore, the wait has to continue. According to some online media, the earliest time Grown Ups 3 release will be in 2024.

Let’s continue waiting and find out if that will happen anytime soon.

Grown Ups 3

Grown Ups 3 Cast

Who is going to feature in the Grown Ups 3? This is what many people are asking themselves. However, in the past films of Grown Ups, the following took part.

  • Adam Sandler – Lenny Feder
  • Kevin James – Eric Lamonsoff
  • Chris Rock – Kurt McKenzie
  • David Spade – Marcus Higgins
  • Rob Schneider – Rob Hilliard
  • Salma Hayek – Roxanne Chase-Feder
  • Maria Bello – Sally Lamonsoff
  • Maya Rudolph – Deanne McKenzie

These were the main actors in the film. There are many others. Therefore, we don’t expect much to change when it comes to the cast.

Dennis Dugan has been the producer of this comedy film, while Jack Giarraputo and Adam Sandler were the producers.

Adam Sandler, together with Fred Wolf, are the writers of Grown Ups. Therefore, we don’t expect any new writers, but let’s be open if there is any.

Tom Costain is the editor of this film while Columbia Pictures, Happy Madison Productions, and Relativity Media are the production companies of Grown Ups.

The plot of Grown Ups 3

Many people perceive that Grown Ups 3 will be a continuation of part 2. Everyone expects Lenny Feder to return to Connecticut together with his family to reunite with Eric, Rob, Kurt, and Marcus. But for this to happen, the five buddies will pass through challenges to reunite.

Also, in part two, Roxanne Chase-Feder was pregnant. When Grown Ups 2 was coming to an end, Lenny and Roxanne had resolved their issues after a previous disagreement. Another huge possibility in part 3 is about Roxanne’s pregnancy.

On January 6th, 2020, Tom Scharpling posted on Twitter that he had written the script of Grown Ups 3. He went further to say that what he did was for fun and not professional. Tom’s writing was fifty-two pages. In his script, the five friends Marcus, Eric, Kurt, and Lenny, were attending Rob’s funeral. The four remaining friends then went for a vacation to remember that their friend’s murderer is free.

Visit GrownUps3 to download the script written by Tom Scharpling.

Grown Ups 3 Budget

Both the first and second parts of Grown Ups 3 have had a budget of $80,000,000. Therefore, that seems not to change in the third part of this comedy movie. The first Grown Ups grossed $270,000,000 while the second grossed $240,000,000.

Adam Sandler bought a Maserati Sports Car (Brand New) for all his other main casts after the first Grown Ups movie.

Where was the First Production of Grown Ups Conducted?

Essex County in Massachusetts was the location where the first production of Grown Ups took place. That was in the year 2009. The first part was released on June 25th, 2010.

What Awards has Grown Ups Won?

In the 2011 MTV Movie, Awards Grown Ups won in the category of Best Line from a Movie. The line which got them the award was, “I want to get chocolate wasted!” Becky said these words.

Who is Adam Sandler?

Adam Sandler is an American comedian, scriptwriter, film producer, actor, musician, and songwriter. He is one of the Hollywood sensations and has a net worth of about two billion U.S. dollars.

Sandler is the lead actor in the comedy film Grown Ups. Furthermore, he’s the writer and producer of the comedy film. Other movies he has acted include;

  • Billy Madison
  • Happy Gilmore
  • The Waterboy

There are many more others. Adam has done a voice-over as Dracula in Hotel Transylvania, an animated comedy film. He began acting in 1987 as Smitty in The Cosby Show.

Why Was Rob Schneider Not in Grown Ups 2?

There were several allegations doing rounds on various social media and online news media about the absence of Rob. He was among the five main casts on Grown Ups. However, in the second part, that wasn’t the case.

According to Rob, his absence was due to a busy schedule on his Tv Series “Rob.” Another factor that made him not to be in Grown Ups 2 was money. Furthermore, in the year of production, Schneider had become a father. Lastly, he was focused on getting back to standup comedy.


Therefore, with all said and done, these are all the things you need to know about Grown Ups 3 and the previous two parts. Thanks for being part of this article.

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